Self-help regimen Carefully step into the 10 major mistakes (2)

“Self-help” regimen Carefully step into the 10 major mistakes (2)

Guide: Chinese medicine experts pointed out that the modern people’s top ten health misunderstandings: eager to find the elixir but the lazy move, the three highs also chaos to replenish the cream.

Core Tip: Desperate to find a panacea but refuse to exercise, take supplements as tonic, 10,000 people, abuse ginseng, blindly pursue cordyceps, one-sided vegetarianism, when you are young, make money when you are old, take money to buy life. When you grow into a social hot spotVarious misunderstandings have also appeared frequently.
銆€銆€[Mistakes 5]Prevention of obesity, middle-aged women are vegetarian every day Some people, especially some middle-aged women, are afraid of eating fat, because they are afraid of getting fat, but also to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so they are vegetarian every day.
銆€銆€Experts warn that long-term intake of high-fat diet is easy to get cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but not eating fat meat at all, it is not conducive to health.
The inclusion of a substance that prolongs life in animal fat not only does not promote atherosclerosis, but also prevents cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Cholesterol is a “double-edged sword”, an indispensable substance in human life activities.
If the body lacks cholesterol, it will cause a decline in immune function, and will also promote cell aging, leading to premature aging.
Therefore, for manual workers, you should eat a little fat.
For people with low blood lipids, eat a little cholesterol-containing food in their daily diet, which is good for longevity.
銆€銆€[Miscellaneous 6]Wild ginseng, suffering from “ginseng abuse syndrome” Many people think that eating ginseng and other supplements every day is health.
The expert once met a retired cadre. His daughter was very filial to him, bought him a lot of Korean ginseng, and told him to eat one to three grams a day.
He thinks that he is very imaginary, he has to make up for it, and he eats 9 grams a day.
After eating for a month, not only was the mouth full of ulcers, but also symptoms such as getting angry, irritability, constipation, and insomnia. As a result, I lived in the hospital and spent more than 10,000 yuan.
銆€銆€Others are obsessed with the so-called “wild ginseng”, but most of them are called “wild ginseng”.
It is as if some so-called Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are the same as 鈥渂athing crabs鈥?
Shishan ginseng is to move the cultivation of the ginseng to the mountain, and it has been stained for a while.
The true wild ginseng taste is flat and can be eaten by anyone.
銆€銆€There are many kinds of ginseng, and it is necessary to take it.
Raw sun ginseng is flat.
The market can see a lot of square red ginseng, red is caused by repeated processing, the surface of the process is steamed, back and forth, the price is much more expensive than raw sun, because of the processing feeGo up.
After processing, the taste of ginseng is warmed up, so red ginseng is suitable for people with qi and yang deficiency.
White ginseng is a fresh ginseng that is dried with water and then dried with sugar. The ginseng’s taste is cold, and it is suitable for hot body, but the strength is not very strong.
Korean ginseng is from North Korea and is warm.
There are also sun-dried ginseng imported from the United States for people with yin deficiency.
Professor Wen said with a smile that the ginseng and ginseng must be affordable and convenient, and the medicinal properties are the same as the large ginseng.
Although ginseng is a nourishing good product, its effect is different and needs to be symptomatic.
Chinese medicine believes that if the virtual is to make up, the virtual is also divided into qi deficiency, blood deficiency, and five visceral deficiency syndromes. If it is not empty, it does not need to be supplemented. If it is not empty, there is no need to eat ginseng.
Long-term or excessive intake of ginseng can cause ginseng abuse syndrome such as excitement, irritability, insomnia, headache, bloating, and high blood pressure.
Therefore, do not take ginseng at will, it is best to take it reasonably and properly under the guidance of a doctor.
銆€銆€[Miscellaneous 7]Blindly seeking for expensive, exaggerating the role of Cordyceps sinensis Some valuable herbs in Chinese medicine are more expensive than gold, and Cordyceps sinensis is one of them.
銆€銆€But does Cordyceps really have such a strong effect?
How much can you eat to achieve the promotion of “improving immunity, fighting cancer” and so on?
The working class tightens the belt and eats 2 Cordyceps every day for the cancer-family family. Can it achieve the desired results?
Ancient books and studies have shown that the dose required for the treatment of diseases by Cordyceps is that 9 grams per day can be achieved.
Ordinary Cordyceps generally have about 1 gram for about 6 and about 1 gram for four.
Then at least 36 Cordyceps should be eaten every day to achieve therapeutic effects.
銆€銆€In addition, Cordyceps sinensis has a high protein content, and is cooked with animal foods to be easily dissolved and absorbed by the body.
Therefore, the ancients have a famous dish called “Chongcao stewed duck”, and the rational combination of Chinese medicine can improve its efficacy.銆€銆€[Miscellaneous Eight]”Low-legged woman”, the depressive yang deficiency treatment on-site interactive communication, a young white-collar worker who just stepped into a job position said: “I am a person who is particularly afraid of cold, often cold hands and feet, I listen to othersI am afraid of cold because of yang deficiency. Am I afraid of cold because of yang deficiency?

What do you need to make up for?

Experts said that the topic raised by this young woman is a very common misunderstanding of urban women at present – “cold-legged woman” is yang deficiency, and it is necessary to make up for it.

銆€銆€In fact, false testimony may exist in women over the age of 50. Women under the age of 30 are not warm, and more than 90% are not because of imaginary, but because of stagnation.

That is to say, due to work pressure, irregular life and other reasons, women’s air-conditioning is blocked, and the veins are impassable. Their performance is often cold feelings below the elbows and knees of the limbs, especially the hands and feet are not warm, but the chest and abdomen are not cold.

If it is a real yang deficiency, it should be cold hands and feet, and the whole body is cold.

銆€銆€The “cold-legged woman” is due to the yang qi in the body, which cannot be handed over to the fourth end; in addition, the cold in winter makes the stagnation of the veins unreasonable.

These women will mainly be accompanied by symptoms such as dysmenorrhea.

Therefore, the conditioning of this type of constitution can not be based on replenishment, but it is necessary to use the method of dispelling evil spirits and dispelling the liver and spleen; if the dysmenorrhea can cooperate with warming the cold, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis drugs to regulate.
Such as Bupleurum, white peony, medlar, fragrant, Chuanxiong, angelica, Ai Ye, licorice and so on.

銆€銆€[Misconside 9]Smoking effects, but only the breakdown of lung organs in 14 global surveys show that, regardless of how or expansion, hypertension ranks first in the global risk of death.

In the year, the second place is “smoking,” which is different from several other countries.

Therefore, the strategy of the Chinese Medical Association to quit smoking has changed. Through the Cardiovascular Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, smoking cessation has been promoted from cardiologists.

銆€銆€Experts say that everyone knows that smoking causes lung disease, but they don’t know that the first thing that affects smoking is the heart.

Recently, Songjiang No. 1 Hospital treated a patient with an acute myocardial infarction of only 20 years old.

After examination, the young man had few plaques in the coronary arteries, but because he had smoked a few packs of cigarettes a few days ago, a substance in the cigarettes could directly harden the coronary arteries.

銆€銆€The expert once rescued a patient with a myocardial infarction. When he was drinking coffee in Xintiandi, a burst of smoke flew over and the chest was boring on the spot.

Of course, this is a relatively small probability event, but once this small probability event occurs, the impact is 100%.

“We are not afraid of 10,000, but we don’t want to be one in ten thousand, so please stop smoking and limit alcohol.

Cui Song’s thesis.

銆€銆€[Misconside 10]Struggling to win, A-type character is the most hurt “heart” is eager to succeed is the dream of many white-collar workers.

From time to time, I will hear news that the CEO is suddenly dead.

In the TV entertainment program “If You Are the One”, there are also many male guests who are determined to earn 100 million yuan before the age of 35. The company will be listed within five years.

Ordinary white-collar workers, some are forced by the CEO, some want to become the CEO to replace it, so ambitious, eager to win, and place great expectations on themselves; demanding themselves, at any cost to achieve the goal;Success or not, as a standard for evaluating the value of life; full of work schedules, trying to do a lot of work in a very small amount of time; busy all day, tight, not knowing to relax,Extremely reluctant to spend time on daily locks. Experts analyze that this type of white-collar workers usually have the type A personality that modern psychology believes.

As everyone knows, this type of competition is strong, demanding yourself, busy all day, I do not know that relaxed type A behavior may lead to cardiovascular disease.

He said that “heart disease also needs medicine,” people who are good at fostering must first raise their hearts. Heart patients should strengthen their psychological adjustment. Optimism may help slow down the process of arteriosclerosis.

“The mentality must be good. Don’t think that success is equal to happiness. This is impossible to draw the equal sign.