Wei Shiya performed Bridge of Sighs to change the concept of marriage and love: never be together because of loneliness

Wei Shiya performed “Bridge of Sighs” to change the concept of marriage and love: never be together because of loneliness
Co-produced by Youku, ViuTV, football, directed by 25, Lin Baoyi’s first producer and lead actor, Wei Shiya, Chen Huanren, etc. The love suspense Hong Kong drama “Sigh Bridge” was broadcast on Youku’s entire network on March 28th.Only 3 episodes have been updated, which has caused a lot of splashes on the Internet. The screen texture of the drama is different from the new style of traditional Hong Kong dramas, which has attracted the attention and praise of many netizens.In the play, He Le’er is in a swing between two men, hesitating, and it is easy to be characterized as a “derailed woman”. On April 1, the female lead Wei Shiya admitted in a special interview with the sauna and Yewang.After reading the entire script, he thought that He Leer was not such a girl, “You haven’t seen the last, you will like her in the future.”Lin Baoyi and Wei Shiya in” Sigh Bridge “stills.The picture comes from the network “Luo Shengmen” to interpret love. Everyone only got a part of the script “Sigh Bridge” telling the story of six pairs of men and women who have been in love and friendship for decades. For the original family, the dark side of human nature,The socialization of partner selection, mental illness, coexistence between the sexes, etc. was initially discussed, presenting a Luo Shengmen-style emotional story of modern Hong Kong city.The production of the play comes from the original cast of “Margaret and David Mung Bean”. The directors of two masterpieces Fatball and 25 avant-garde are famous for their fashion. The “Bridge of Sighs” also continued to stay blank and cold.The tonal shooting style, the delicate composition, and the tricky shooting angle render the high-level texture of the play.Different from traditional Hong Kong dramas showing the prosperous city lights and the fireworks of life, the whole film is extremely calm and restrained, highlighting the intricate and complex character relationships and the dark tide.The lens language of the play is recognized.The picture comes from the use of a large number of movie lens languages on the Internet, such as the beginning of the smearing of the swaying lens to create anxiety, the danger signal from the Volde point of view, the dark side of the human nature from the peep angle, and the blank treatment of the person who has only heard his voiceAll brought a new movie watching experience to the audience.As a love suspense script, Bridge of Sighs uses a non-linear narrative method. Each episode changes the perspective of the characters, and starts with the story line of the young and middle ages of the characters.At the same time, the experience is completely different from the perspective of different characters. What is the truth of the matter has become everyone’s idea.”Bridge of Sighs” presents the Love Rashomon incident from multiple angles, that is, each person’s perspective causes the event to be presented differently, and the “truth” seen is also different. Wei Shiya said that the “truth” in the emotional world”It’s not that important.” Sometimes you know that the truth doesn’t mean anything, and it can’t change anything. The most important thing is to change your own mentality.”In order to restore the truth of love Luo Shengmen, the life of each word is different, the director 25 copied, the scripts obtained by the actors are incomplete, because the play is like life, everyone only knows part of the” truth “For example, in the plots of the first few episodes, Li Ziyong (Lin Baoyi) and He Le’er (Wei Shiya) came to the same movie date.In the eyes of the man, only the audience in the front row of the seats who were talking hotly was disappointed. In the eyes of the woman, this was a heart-shaped dressing competition, but the result was completely unconscious of the disappointment.The same event will be scattered in every episode, and from the perspective of each character, the audience needs to find the source.The play was filmed from different perspectives of the characters, which also caused the audience to automatically find the difference.The picture comes from the emotional choice of He Le’er on the Internet, which influenced Wei Shiya’s realistic view of love. Lin Baoyi said in an exclusive interview in the battle that his short mood in shooting “Bridge of Sighs” was complicated because he played Li Zi in the play.Yong is not a very happy person. He never says true love, so he is a bit lonely.In Lin Baoyi’s view, although Li Ziyong’s survival method in Belgium was not very good when he was young, he could not help but must earn a little more money for himself, so he did something that should not be done, “In reality, II don’t know if you have such friends, or those who make money by any means, this role is such a person.In the play, He Le’er, played by Wei Shiya, surrounded the relationship between Li Ziyong and Hu Qiyuan.Wei Shiya said that he sympathizes with He Leer. He has been in love with Hu Qiyuan for nearly ten years, and his feelings will become a little boring; Li Ziyong is very fresh and a dream lover in his teenage years, so he may be veryenthusiasm.He Le’er wandered between Hu Qiyuan and Li Ziyong. In the third episode currently broadcast, He Le’er seemed to give up Li Ziyong, who represented freedom, and chose a safe Hu Qiyuan.Does this mean that He Leer wants bread more than love?Going on, Wei Shiya said that He Leer hopes to choose a more stable person, “Stable is not the same as bread, she and Hu Qiyuan have been together for many years, he will not suddenly run away, but Li Ziyong is flying around to catchFeeling unsustainable.”In Wei Shiya’s view, He Le’er wanted to get married and wanted to find a stable person. In the latter part of the episode, He Le’er finally decided to choose a lonely but safer love,” This is the point to remindIn reality, I must not be together because of loneliness.”Quick questions and quick answers: Sauna Night Net: What values do you want this drama to pass on to girls?”Wei Shiya: I hope all girls feel the same way as I did after the show. I would rather have no love, prefer no one around me, and do n’t pick someone who does n’t like or is not suitable because it ‘s better than your sideNo one is more painful.Sauna Night Net: Has your view of marriage and love changed after the performance?Wei Shiya: Yes, super big.Every time I finish a play, there will be changes, and this is the same.But it must be a very good change. I will know more about what I want. I will not choose one I do n’t like, or I choose someone because I feel lonely.Sauna Night Net: Many girls in the city are just like you said, prefer to be single and not to be at the same time, there are also many people under pressure to get married and have children, have you ever experienced a more tangled time?Wei Shiya: I also had this idea. I was about to have a baby. I was older. I found a boy with a boy or a boy who did n’t love very much. There was this moment, but it may be a few minutes.It ‘s just an idea. Fortunately, I did n’t have this idea for a long time. # 评 配 配 # Sauna Night Net: Lin Baoyi and Chen Huairen are not handsome male actors, how does it feel to work with them in a love scene?It’s also an emotional drama. What is the difference between the sparks given to you by the two opponents?Wei Shiya: They are also handsome to me. The actor opposite the acting each time may not be your dish, so I want to find on them what they like most about He Leer. To be honest, it ‘s not very outside.It’s important to find something on him that you will like him quickly.The spark they gave me must be different. Lin Baoyi is very handsome and decisive. He is worth it by his side and he can protect you.Chen Hsien-ren’s feeling is that he is very obedient to you. He will definitely say yes to what you want to eat today. You will not quarrel with him.Sauna, night net editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Lu Qian