2015 Asian Cup-National Football 0-2 lost to Australia missed the top 4 Cahill 2 goals _1

2015 Asian Cup-National Football 0-2 lost to Australia missed the top 4 Cahill 2 goals
At 18:30 on January 22, Beijing time, in the quarter-finals of the 2015 Australia Asian Cup, the country split 0-2 and lost to the Australian team.Cahill took the lead in the 48th minute to break the deadlock, and in the 65th minute Cahill broke the goal again to lock the victory.The quarterfinals of the national football team ended the tour of the Asian Cup, facing the Australian team’s three consecutive undefeated records to declare the end.After the Americans reach the semifinals, they will face the winner between Japan and the UAE in the semifinals.Cahill celebrated the goal during the match. Wu Lei’s goal in the group stage, the country’s broken three-game winning record headed into the quarter-finals; Australia scored 2 wins and 1 loss and won the group second place.Faced with the Victoria team this time, the national football team is also quite a severe test.The two teams had a record of 15 encounters in history, the country split 5 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses slightly disadvantaged.However, in the official game, the national football team maintained an unbeaten record against Australia.  After the long pass in Australia in the third minute, Cahill started to fall into the offside trap prematurely.In the 5th minute, Ryan was too procrastinating when he kicked the ball, and Wu Lei almost broke the ball.In the 7th minute, the national football team received a free kick in the frontcourt. Sun Ke took the penalty and went to the penalty area. The defender directly pushed the ball out.In the 13th minute, Wu Lei got a golden opportunity, but when he was going to catch up with the ball and entered the penalty area, he was cut off by the defender.In the 16th minute, Wu Lei’s goal in front of the penalty area was blocked by defensive players, then the ball came out of the bottom line, and the Chinese team got a corner kick.Sun Ke took the ball to the penalty area. The national footballer who scored the ball before the header touched the ball. Ji Xiang, who clicked the ball after the goal, flicked the goal and Ryan directly got the ball.  In the 19th minute, Australian captain Yedinak kicked Ren Hang, who was behind the ball. The referee showed a yellow card warning, which was also the first yellow card in the game.In the 20th minute, Zhang Chengdong and Wu Xi collaborated precisely and sent a threatening pass after breaking through to the bottom line, creating a chance to attack in front of the goalkeeper.In the 25th minute, Australia took advantage of the offensive momentum to get consecutive corner kicks, but they were all resolved by the national football defenders.  In the 28th minute, Lekki dribble laterally at the sideline of the penalty area, then suddenly kicked hard, Wang Dalei’s attention was very concentrated, and the ball was saved from the bottom line.In the 34th minute, Australia received a free kick in the frontcourt. Bresiano took the ball to the penalty area. Sainsbury grabbed a drop and flicked the goal, but the ball was slightly higher.In the 37th minute, when Wu Lei took the ball in the frontcourt, Australia added a defensive player to double the ball, resulting in a goal.In the 39th minute, Lekki’s cross made a threat. Cahill, with Ren Hang’s interference, hit the top of the head.In the 42nd minute Longo chose a long shot outside the penalty area but missed the ball.In the first half, the two teams scored 0-0.  At the beginning of the second half, the national football coach Peran used the first substitution quota, Jiang Zhipeng replaced the injured Mei Fang.In the 46th minute Leckey took the ball directly outside the penalty area but missed it.In the 48th minute Bresiano took a corner kick and the ball was cleared out of the penalty area. Zheng Zhi was injured when he collided with Cahill, which also made the national football player a little stunned.The ball was re-restricted to the local area, Cahill hit the door successfully, Australia led 1-0.In the 53rd minute, Zhang Linpeng blocked his opponent’s foul and was shown a yellow card warning by the referee.In the 54th minute, Australia won a free kick in the frontcourt, and Wilkinson fought high.  In the 58th minute, Zhang Linpeng suddenly took a long shot outside the restricted area!Cause the Australian goalkeeper to let go.In the 59th minute, Zhang Chengdong made a long pass from outside the penalty area and Ryan directly got the ball.In the 61st minute, Cahill received a pass from his teammate and turned to hit the goal. Wang Dalei struggled to clear the ball.In the 63rd minute, Australia took a corner kick to create a threat. Sainsbury nodded before the goal, Wang Dalei blocked the ball, and Zhang Chengdong struggled to clear the ball.In the 65th minute Australia’s left-handed cross, Cahill succeeded in throwing his head between Ren Hang and Jiang Zhipeng. Australia expanded the score on the field to 2-0.  In the 71st minute, Jiang Zhipeng took a long shot from the front of the penalty area and the ball was vigorously sinking, which also caused Ryan to throw the ball away.Wu Lei quickly caught up with his head and attacked the goal, Ryan got the ball at the goal line.In the 74th minute, after Wu Xi took the ball outside the penalty area, he directly chose a long shot. The defensive player tried hard to block and threaten to resolve the threat.In the 76th minute, after cutting at home, the ball was transported to the penalty area, but was then released by the defensive player.In the 80th minute Burns took the ball outside the penalty area and directly selected a long shot, but failed to form a threat to directly miss the ball.  In the 83rd minute, Miligan continuously got rid of the defensive player and then entered the penalty area to push the shot. Wang Dalei judged his intention and attacked in time to resolve the threat.In the 86th minute, the national football midfielder passed an oblique pass, but the strength was too great to allow the player to fail to catch up with the ball.In the 87th minute, Troisi chose a long shot outside the penalty area, but directly hit the ball high.In the 88th minute, Milligan’s long shot was very tricky. Wang Dalei held the ball with one hand, destroying the opponent’s threat offensive.Australia took a corner kick and was confiscated by Wang Dalei.After 90 minutes of fierce fighting between the two sides, the country was enough to lose to the opponent 0-2, missed the Asian Cup semi-finals.  中国(4-1-4-1):23-王大雷;2-任航、3-梅方(46’4-姜至鹏)、5-张琳芃、17-张呈栋;8蔡慧康;10-郑智、15-吴曦(83’9-杨旭)、14吉翔、16-孙可(73’21-于海);7-武磊。  澳大利亚(4-3-3):1-瑞恩;2-弗兰季奇、3-戴维森、20-塞恩赛伯里、22-威尔金森;23-布雷西亚诺(60’14-特洛伊西)、15-耶迪纳克、21-隆戈;7-莱基(70’16-伯恩斯)、10-克鲁泽、4-卡希尔(80’5-米利甘)。  (Ariel)