Keep the state closed!Grizzlies online class goal is still the playoffs

Keep the state closed!Grizzlies “online class” goal is still the playoffs
The Memphis Grizzlies participated in the video conference.The NBA network screenshot has been shut down for nearly a month, and even the rematch date can not be determined in the short term, but some NBA players or teams are still engaged in maintaining a competitive state to prepare for a rematch at any time.Currently ranked eighth in the Western Conference, the Grizzlies are determined to play in the playoffs.On April 8th, according to local media reports in Memphis, the Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins disclosed that the coaching staff developed a training plan for each player during the league lockout and training conditions at home. A large number of players need to perform one-on-one in the form of videoGuidance, every Friday the team will participate in a video conference, the team hopes that the players will maintain the competitive state in the form of “net class”.Jenkins revealed that in the context of the NBA lockout, it is not easy to keep players in a state. Although the coaching staff has developed a detailed training plan, there are various difficulties in implementation. “The team ‘s training facilities have been closed, not everyThere are basketball courts in the players’ homes, so most players need to be individually guided in the form of videos.”It is understood that since most of the players and coaches are in isolation at home, the coaching staff and players will meet every Friday for a video conference. Jenkins found that the atmosphere of the team meeting is like in the locker room,” We will play someIn the small game, the whole atmosphere is more relaxed and happy, which can keep everyone smiling.”Before the start of the season, the Grizzlies under reconstruction are not optimistic about the outside world, but under the leadership of young players such as Moran, Jalen Jackson Jr., the team is currently ranked 8th in the fiercely competitive West and leading the West.9 Pioneers 3.With five wins, even if the regular season is not cancelled in the future, the Grizzlies are still likely to enter the playoffs.In Jenkins’ view, the atmosphere of solidarity within the team is an important factor affecting the team’s record. Although it is temporarily suspended, he hopes that the team will continue this good way.Moreover, the coaching staff encourages the players to do what they want to do during this period, like Jalen Jackson Jr. wrote three rap songs by accident.Jenkins said: “We want everyone to maintain communication and understand where everyone can do better. I believe these substitutions can help the team improve their status as soon as possible after the rematch.Whether it is physical or mental state, I hope that the epidemic will end. When everyone returns to training, the team can quickly return to the right track.”Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Wang Xihuang proofread Zhao Lin