TCM identifies the medicine and true and false of bird’s nest


TCM identifies the medicine and true and false of bird’s nest

As a sanctuary, everyone has always believed that bird’s nest is the best. Bird’s nest can promote immune function, delaying the body’s aging and prolonging life.

Bird’s nest is sweet, flat, can nourish yin and moisten, replenish qi and invigorate, cure deficiency, cough and asthma, hemoptysis, long-term sputum, suitable for physical weakness, malnutrition, long and short, phlegm and cough, old chronic bronchusInflammation, bronchiectasis, emphysema, tuberculosis, hemoptysis, vomiting and stomach pain.

Since ancient times, all kinds of medical staff have been involved in the treatment of respiratory diseases such as phlegm, cough, hemoptysis, asthma, etc., which is called tuberculosis, bronchitis, bronchitis and other diseases.

In addition, for people with bad smoking habits, bird’s nest is a rare “washing lungs”.

銆€銆€Pregnant women eat bird’s nest two or three months before production, which can make the mother strong and make the future newborn baby stronger, more white, more beautiful and less likely to get sick.

Postpartum women, to rehabilitate and nurture their children, to restore the shape of the scorpion before production, bird’s nest is the best natural nourishing food.

It is sweet and flat, and it is not too greasy for pregnant women and postpartum women, and there is no adverse reaction.

Bird’s nest contains a lot of protein and a variety of amino acids, weak after illness, medium gas replaces each disease, with bird’s nest to eat, can nourish the yin; infants and children can eat long wisdom, enhance thinking ability, enhance resistance, can make upFirst, the day after tomorrow is insufficient.

In addition, regular bird’s nest can make people’s skin smooth, elastic and shiny, thus reducing wrinkles and achieving cosmetic effects.

銆€銆€The medicinal value of bird’s nest is so unique. How should we distinguish it from such a huge demand in the market?

銆€銆€First look: the middle of the bird’s nest is a filamentous structure, and the part of the bird’s nest is a sheet-like structure. The pure bird’s nest is not completely transparent, but translucent, whether it is saturated or under the light.

銆€銆€Second smell: The bird’s nest has a special scent (with a natural swiftlet fecal smell), but there is no strong smell.

The smell is special, and there is a fishy smell or a greasy taste for fakes.

銆€銆€Three water test: 1, take a small piece of bird’s nest to soak in water, take the thread after pulling, the elasticity is poor, a pull is broken for fake; with a finger licking, no elastic force can be made into a paste is also a fake.
But after it is fully opened, there is no flexibility. If there is good elasticity, it is also fake.

銆€銆€2, take the bird’s nest into the water and take it out. After about half a minute, wipe it with your thumb and forefinger several times. If the finger sticks with the smell of chemicals, it will bleach the bird’s nest. If the finger is sticky, it may be glued.Bird’s nest or fake products.

銆€銆€3, take blood swallow or Huang Yan stew 1?
2 hours, if the thin slices are as soft as white swallow, red or yellow is filled with water, then it is dyed by the white Swallow.

The real blood swallows and yellow swallows, because they are natural colors, do not change color after being stewed, but some of the particles will break down in the water. The bird’s nest soup may show a faint red or yellow color, but the color of the bird’s nest silk is almost unchanged.And the oil is still solid.

銆€銆€4, after the bird’s nest is immersed in water, the average can be 5 to 6 times larger, and the superior bird’s nest, such as Guan Yan, can even be 7 to 8 times larger.

銆€銆€Four fire tests: igniting dry bird’s nest with fire, true bird’s nest creaking, splashing Mars, ash is black, this is the result of protein burning.

銆€銆€Five fluoroscopy: Take the bird’s nest sheet and observe it under 365 cm UV lamp. The product is yellowish green or grayish green with purple fluorescence.