Unknowable life care ten common sense


Unknowable life care ten common sense


Snoring: Learn to fight for 10 minutes on all occasions, such as offices, corridors, cars, which will make you feel refreshed.


Imagine: Relax your brain by imagining a place you like, such as the sea and mountains.

Focus your thoughts on the “look, smell, listen” of what you imagine, and gradually gradually progress to achieve spiritual relaxation.


Massage: Close your eyes, use your fingertips to massage the forehead and the neck of your neck. Rotate regularly in a certain direction. Don’t blindly.


Breathing: Quickly take a shallow breath.

For better relaxation, take a breath, breathe, and then exhale, each stage lasts 8 beats.


Abdominal breathing: lying flat on the floor, face up, the body naturally relaxes, closes the eyes, exhales, exhales all the gas in the lungs, abdomen bulges, then tightens the abdomen, inhales, and finally relaxes, restoring the abdomen.

Repeat this process after a few minutes of normal breathing.


First-class routines: Try some different new ways to do things you don’t often do, such as walking down the stairs with your feet.


Relaxation reaction: sit comfortably in a quiet place, close your eyes, relax your muscles and silently breathe and breathe.


Development Interest: Train your interest in a variety of beneficial activities and enjoy the land.


Contraction exercise: Contraction is very beneficial for eliminating tension, which can relax the whole body muscles.


Singing while bathing: Let go of your voice every time you take a bath and try to lengthen the tone.

Because you need to keep breathing deeply because you sing loudly, you can get good, so you are happy.