Members accused Tencent video of so-called on-demand Qing Yu Nian: fight if you can’t win

Members accused Tencent video of so-called on-demand “Qing Yu Nian”: fight if you can’t win
On December 19th, Tencent video member Lin Jian (Weibo name @ Logic 格斯 logics), who decided to file a lawsuit due to Tencent video recording on-demand “Qing Yu Nian” activity, stated that as a legal person, he knew that the lawsuit would not win., But still have to fight.In the sauna, Yewang contacted Tencent Video on the matter, but the other party said there was no response.The picture of “Qing Yu Nian” came from the network Lin Jian published a civil complaint on December 17 in Weibo against the Shenzhen Nanshan People’s Court on Weibo.The lawsuit quoted the words of civil law scientist Wang Liming-“How to regulate unreasonable transaction clauses under the contract freedom system, maintain contract justice, so that the economically strong can not fake the name of the contract, overwhelming the weak, is the responsibility of modern lawMission “, Lin Jian believes that the” Tencent Super Movie VIP Member Service Agreement “involved in this case is an example of economic powerhouses that infringe on the interests of the general public, and requires confirmation of the invalidity of many terms under the” Tencent Video Super Movie VIP Member Service Agreement “And compensate the plaintiff for 500 yuan in economic losses.Plaintiff Lin Jian asked the court to confirm the invalid article 3 of the “Tencent Video Super Film VIP Member Service Agreement”.11.Two of them are directly related to the “Qing Yu Nian” summary of the on-demand advance release of this release. The title of the article: “Members predict to watch in advance: Regularly updated film and television content will be watched in advance based on Tencent’s operational needs and in the mode of member evaluation on demand.More episode content.”Overall, the plaintiff also stated that Tencent had committed fraud in providing services.”Representative members in the advertisement can “see the complete works of the hot drama”. In fact, some contents cannot be viewed. “Hot dramas can be watched in advance” has been downgraded to “free to watch a part in advance” “can watch another part in advance”, and “advertising privileges” have become”Members have the privilege to view member advertisements”.Lin Jian updated Weibo on December 19, revealing that his legal colleagues asked him if the lawsuit won, and he also believed that the probability of winning was unsuccessful. He said that Tencent replied that it was not considerate when designing the advanced on-demand.Is it considerate?No, what consumers need is fairness . I can only charge.”Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie editor Tong Na proofreading Liu Baoqing