Because more and more men are seriously obese and endanger their own health, they have joined the ranks of weight loss.

Of course, men’s weight loss may be more serious than women’s, because, to some extent, men’s pursuit of body materials is far less inferior to women, so it is especially easy to give up halfway, especially to let obese men control their diet.It is indeed a very painful thing, because obese men are mostly fond of food, so it is very difficult for them to eat less fish and meat.

Therefore, to make men lose weight should choose a particularly simple method, recommend a particularly practical method.

The next few men’s weight loss methods recommended for everyone are very practical.

銆€銆€1, swimming to lose weight.

This is the most suitable method for men to lose weight, because men like swimming very much. Many people have learned to swim since childhood. Therefore, it is very simple to choose swimming to lose weight. The difficulty in losing weight in this way is whether you can persist because it is not like swimming.Ordinary exercise, there are certain requirements, can not reduce swimming time arbitrarily, must insist on swimming 2 or 3 times a week, and each swim is more than 30 minutes, so insist on swimming for 1 to 2 months, your body will definitelyImprove, your big belly is gone.

銆€銆€2, sit ups.

This is also a very simple exercise diet, just use your perseverance to insist on exercising every night before going to bed, you can achieve the effect in your own bed, but there are a lot of requirements, insist on doing more than 50 every night.Sit-ups, persist for 2 months, your stomach will become smaller, the difficulty of this weight-loss method is to insist, many people can only give up after a few days, so there are very few people who lose weight by this method.

銆€銆€3, the gym lose weight.

There are a lot of sports equipment in the gym, and there are coaches to personally guide, so it is easier to lose weight in the gym. Of course, going to the gym requires a certain economic foundation. You can choose strength sports in the gym or you can choose to ride.Bicycles, on the treadmill, as long as you follow the coach’s requirements, you can slim down.

銆€銆€4, walking 10,000 steps a day.

There is one more important thing for men’s obesity, that is, they are unwilling to walk, especially men with cars, even if they are only 200 meters, they are willing to drive. This is a long time, the stomach will be bigger and bigger, the legs will be more and more thin, and the body proportion is very high.Unsightly.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight, please drive less, insist on walking every day, increase your body’s energy consumption, and walk on it regardless of wind and rain, and you must reach 10,000 steps. If you insist on 3 months, you can say goodbye to the big belly.

The best health care products are the golden bird’s nest


The best health care products are the golden bird’s nest

In today’s society, everyone cares about health, many health products are synthetic, only the golden bird’s nest is a natural ingredient, it is made of hardworking silk swallow secretion saliva processing soft oil and other materials.

In Southeast Asia, business-minded investors have built a collective residence for the swiftlet to create conditions suitable for the living of swiftlet swallows. A large number of swiftlets fly to live here to raise children, and when the swallows grow up, they will stay.The bird’s nest is for people to pick.

The golden swallows feed habits are flying in the air, eating live insects, drinking water vapor and natural spring water.

Everyone wants to eat healthy, especially pregnant women, babies, old people and poor physical function want to have healthy food!

As the saying goes: “One or two bird’s nest one or two gold” bird’s nest the most precious precious metal SA (sialic acid) is to promote the development and memory of the baby’s brain.

900 grams of canned milk powder, SA content is less than 0.

5 grams, and 10 grams of bird’s nest SA can reach 0.


2 grams, equivalent to 1350-1800 grams of milk powder, the above data shows that bird’s nest SA is 150 times that of milk and 170 times that of milk powder.

Bird’s nest has entered the ordinary consumer group, it immediately health, but also beauty and skin care, but also improve immunity and many diseases.

It can resist Alzheimer’s disease, the preferred choice for men’s soil smoking, and for the prevention of hypertension, hypertension, cerebrovascular complications, angina pectoris, chest tightness, breathing, high blood pressure, cough and other diseases!