Just took the best of the month and set a new high in rebounds, East Cic did not lose James

Just took the best of the month and set a new high in rebounds, East Cic did not lose James
At only 20 years old, Doncic has unlimited potential.Picture / Visual China “I think East Cic will experience a difficult transition period in the second season because others will start to pay strict attention to guard against him, but he has become better.”It is predicted that Nowitzki said that there is a general probability that East Cic will hit the rookie wall this season, but he has used nearly perfect performance to become the hot superstar of the entire league.Today, the Lone Ranger challenged the Pelicans away. The team’s star, East Cic, played only 28 minutes, made 9 of 18 shots, scored 33 points, 18 rebounds, and 5 assists. Among them, 18 rebounds created a career high.Led the team to easily win 118 to 97. Until now, the Lone Ranger has ranked 14th in the west with 14 wins and 6 losses.Just a few hours before the start of the game, the NBA officially announced the results of the first selection of the best players in the East and West in the new season. Based on the overall performance at the end of October and November, “Alphabet Brother” Adetokounmpo, East CicElected the best player of the month in the East and West respectively.Before December, Doncic averaged 30 per game.8 points, 9.9 rebounds, 9.6 assists, led the team to a record of 12 wins and 6 losses, for the first time in his career was elected the best player of the month.”I was standing under the basket, and the basketball came to me on my own.”” After talking about grabbing a career-high 18 rebounds in the game, Dong Qiqi made a joke, causing extra ease.For him who repeatedly broke expectations this season, this seems to be commonplace.This is also true. As a 20-year-old second-year rookie, East Cic showed more maturity than ordinary people, even similar to James in the second year, East Cic did not fall in personal data and team records.Wind, and it is still progressing.At least for now, no one can predict where the limits of East Cic are.

I miss you replying to the inquiry of Shenzhen Stock Exchange: Selling Baicao does not affect the ability of sustainable operation

I miss you replying to the inquiry of Shenzhen Stock Exchange: Selling Baicao does not affect the ability of sustainable operation
On the evening of March 6th, I missed you and asked Shenzhen Stock Exchange about the sale of Baicao Weimu Company’s related matters, saying that this transaction will not affect your ability to continue to operate, nor will it cause sales expenses for listed companies in the future.growth of.In the future, I think you will focus on the high-end jujube business and develop around the “Jujube +” and Xinghuo plans.The transaction will not affect the ability to continue operations. On February 28, regarding the sale of 100% equity of Hangzhou Herbs Food Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Hao Musi Food Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Hao Musi”), the management department of Shenzhen Stock Exchange SME Board Company would like to miss youSend an enquiry letter, asking you to consider the situation of Holmes’ operating income, operating profit, net profit, etc. since 2016, as well as the proportion of red jujube related business operating income, gross profit margin, market demand, etc., to demonstrate the transactionWhether it is conducive to enhancing your ability to continue business.I miss your reply, the listed company’s red date related business has had a relatively stable income scale since 2016. The conversion of listed company’s red date related business gross profit margins has gradually resulted in an increase in the proportion of e-commerce business revenue and the relatively high e-commerce channel gross profit rate.To.However, due to the advantages of listed companies in terms of brands, channels, etc., since 2016, the gross profit margin of listed companies’ red dates-related business is higher than that of Holmes.In addition, as the first stock of Red Date, I think you have a strong online and offline channel, currently has more than 700 offline chain stores, covering 28 provinces and cities, plans to develop 1,000 offline chain stores in the next three years.In addition, I think that your online channel has been stationed in the permanent key e-commerce platform of the whole network. The online red jujube industry has ranked first in sales for 7 consecutive years, and the brand growth continues to be higher than the industry average.Does not constitute a major dependence on Homs. In response to the argument raised in the inquiry letter, whether this transaction will lead to a significant increase in sales expenses. I miss you. Since the reorganization in 2016, the listed company insists on “I miss you” plus “Baicao””Taste” dual-brand operation strategy, sales channels of the two brands, brand promotion is relatively independent.I think your own e-commerce business is developing well, and its proportion is increasing year by year.After the completion of this transaction, listed companies will not have the fact that sales expenses have increased significantly due to the reopening of online channels.I miss you competently, report the scale, the listed company and Holmes have a certain degree of business development, internal management, sales channels overlap or dependence, but have not yet formed a significant overlap or significant dependence.After this transaction, I think you will further integrate your resources and will not adversely affect the company’s main business independence.In addition, I miss you that the company established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Hangzhou Hopes E-Commerce Co., Ltd. in 2019, and moved the company’s e-commerce operation team to Hangzhou as a whole, relying on Hangzhou’s human resources and Internet advantages, and using HaoMoss’ online operation experience to promote the company’s e-commerce channel development.The Holmes management team only provides guidance on the online operations of listed companies and provides human resource support for a small amount of customer service during the initial relocation of the e-commerce operations team of listed companies to Hangzhou. The e-commerce teams of listed companies have always maintained independent operations.As for the future business development plan of the listed company after the transaction, I think you said that in the future, it will play the advantages of brand, supply chain, channel, research and development, etc., and develop around the “Red Date +” and Spark plan.Among them, the “Spark Project” is expected to open 60 stores in 70% of counties in Henan by 2020; by 2021, all counties in Henan will have 200 stores in all counties with the same origin of medicine and food;At the same time, in the next two years, the brand positioning of “high-end red dates” will be strengthened, and customized and customized product lines will be developed for multi-dimensional scenarios.Listed companies will strengthen the creation of large single products and potential new products in the field of “red dates +” healthy food to ensure the steady growth of red dates’ core categories and the rapid expansion of delicious snacks.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Ziyang Editor Zhu Fenglan

[Moisture of a red date]_ nutritional value _ efficacy

[Moisture of a red date]_ nutritional value _ efficacy

Eating red dates helps promote the regeneration of red blood cells in the body, restore a person’s mental state, and promote blood circulation.

At the same time, red dates is a very good food for women’s bodies, because red dates can play a role in tonicity and blood.

Older women must eat more red dates, because women who eat more red dates will notice that their complexion becomes rosy.

However, the sugar content of red dates is high, so what will the transformation of red dates be?

The benefits and disadvantages of eating red dates: 1.

Jujube is rich in iron minerals, minerals, vitamins and sugars, rich in protein and trace amounts. These nutrients are beneficial to the red blood cell regeneration, improve the body’s resistance, and restore the spirit.


Tonic and soothe the nerves.

Jujube has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing qi, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and is a good health nutrition for patients with weak spleen and stomach, insufficient blood and qi, burnout, and insomnia.



Jujube is rich in vitamin C and contains antioxidant component P, which is a kind of flavonoids that can protect vitamin C from being destroyed during cooking. Vitamin C can promote cell regeneration, while vitamin P can enhance the anti-aging function of cells, so eat it oftenJujube can effectively fight aging.


Anti-calculus, anti-calculus.

Fresh dates are rich in vitamin C, which can promote the conversion of residual cholesterol into bile acids, lower plasma levels, and naturally reduce the probability of stones in the body. This is also the reason for the frequent metabolism of gallstones in people who regularly eat fresh dates.


Jujube contains a large amount of carbohydrates to enhance human immunity, and because it contains nano-particles maslinic acid and cyclic adenosine monophosphate, its anti-cancer ability even exceeds the commonly used anti-cancer drug 5-fluorouracil, soCan effectively inhibit vitamins and improve the body’s ability to fight cancer.


Enhance myocardial capacity.

Cyclic adenosine monophosphate in red dates can dilate blood vessels and improve myocardial nutrition. When suffering from cardiovascular disease, cyclic adenosine monophosphate is often injected as an adjuvant treatment.

Jujube is the most abundant Chinese medicine of cyclic adenosine monophosphate.


Improve immunity.

Jujube contains a large number of sugars, mainly glucose, but also fructose, sucrose, and oligosaccharides, Arabic derivatives and galactaldehyde starch composed of glucose and fructose; and contains a large amount of vitamin C, riboflavin,Multivitamins such as thiamine, carotene, and niacin have supplemental nourishing effects, can improve human immune function, and enhance disease resistance.

The disadvantages of eating red dates: Although red dates nourish and nourish blood, eating too much can easily cause excessive gastric acid secretion and bloating, so the body’s humidity is heavy, the spleen and stomach are depleted, food is accumulated, constipation, and abdominal fullness should not be eaten.People with phlegm and cough should not eat it.

How high is the conversion of red dates? 122 kcal per 100 grams of instant red, 264 kcal per 100 grams of dried dates, so whether it is fresh or dried dates are high conversion foods, it can replaceThe staple food!

Currently, dried red dates on the market are very popular. The dried red dates have a sugar content of 50-87%, and mold per gram of pulp is 309 kcal, and a healthy adult woman needs to consume 1800?
With a trace amount of 1900 calories, it is estimated that 3-5 dried red dates can be consumed daily.

There are many ways to eat red dates, such as steaming, stewing, braising, and cooking.

The most common way is to drink red dates.

Can put 10?
30 grams of red dates with a knife to draw some straight lines on the epidermis will help nutrient overflow, add water for about 60 minutes.

You can also add red dates to porridge to make jujube porridge.

Red dates can be made into red date lotus seed soup and red date peanut soup.

Jujube tea.

The required materials are 12 red dates and 8 grams of tea; an appropriate amount of brown sugar.

Put red dates and tea in the pot, add water and brown sugar, and cook the red dates until they are soft; if the tea leaves are too much, you can drink the tea juice directly.

Jujube tea can nourish blood and strengthen the spleen and stomach.

[How to make kimchi with flat cabbage]_Kimchi method_Kimchi making

[How to make kimchi with flat cabbage]_Kimchi method_Kimchi making

Kimchi is a kind of pickled food, for those who like it, pickling their favorite food in person is a treat.

The first thing to do in pickled kimchi is to choose cabbage. The choice of cabbage is a technical task. The choice of cabbage will affect the taste of the food to a certain extent. Many friends do not know how to choose kimchi.The article specifically talks about the choice of cabbage and how to make kimchi with flat cabbage?

2 cups of disposable plastic cups with sugar, 2 cups of vinegar disposable plastic cups, one to two bowls of water, pepper, red pepper, pickled pepper, one cabbage, one carrot, salt and half bowl of cabbage pickle, waterPut the sugar and stir until boiled. Dissolve and add vinegar. Stir off the heat and let it air. 2. Wash the cabbage and tear it apart. Do not make it too small. The leaves will shrink together and become small.Open 4, tossed cabbage and carrots and toss salt. Because the torn cabbage is very large, it is recommended to separate four or five servings of salt and salt. Toss the first one first.Add salt, and so on, etc. This is the volume of salt tossed slowly. The vegetable juice comes out slowly. After salting is finished, it shrinks a lot. This is the amount of half a pickle. Now let it stand for more than half an hour.When you have itchy hands, go over 7 times from time to time. When the vegetable juice is finished and the leaves look very soft, start squeezing the vegetables and flushing them. If you do n’t want to eat too salty, you can rinse for a while, and finallySqueeze dry water to rinse, pickle carrots, pickled red pepper, pepper、Garlic tablets, Shiver?
Evenly, put the materials from the previous step into a sealable container, preferably glass or ceramic. Here, plastic is used when the conditions are limited. Add the sweet and sour water in the first step to cool.Only then, wait for seal.

9. Just let it stand at room temperature for one day.

Tips like to eat more spicy peppers, this is only a slightly spicy amount, if you feel less water, you can cook more sweet and sour brine, put in cabbage, because the cabbage soaked to taste.

Daun shares (002838): TPV localization leaders enter the peak period of capacity release

Daun shares (002838): TPV localization leaders enter the peak period of capacity release
The leading domestic thermoplastic elastomer, the four major platforms cooperate with each other. Daun Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, production and service of thermoplastic thermoplastic elastomer materials, modified plastics and other products.Relying on its leading position in the TPV industry, the company has formed four major platforms.At present, the vulcanization platform is expanded from TPV to TPIIR, DVA, etc. The first phase of the hydrogenation platform HNBR has been put into production, the esterification platform TPU has been released, and the modified plastic platform has developed steadily. The leader of TPV localization,南京夜网论坛 the capacity of rapidly increasing domestic TPV market has great potential.Due to the requirements of automobile lightweight, 60% of TPV is applied in the automotive field.At present, the total demand for TPV in the automobile industry is about 4-5 per year, and the domestic TPV consumption of bicycles is 1.5-2.5Kg / car, and the international average level is 5KG / car. Dawn is the first domestic company to produce TPV using fully pre-dispersed-dynamic full vulcanization technology, and is the leader in the localization of TPV.1) The company’s TPV production equipment is original and the product performance has reached the international level; 2) The company’s product price is about 2.50,000 tons / ton, far more than foreign enterprises; 3) The company has been recognized by many domestic and foreign enterprises.As of the first half of 2019, the annual capacity of DPV TPV has been increased to 2.2 Initially, it is expected that by the end of 19 or early 20, the company’s TPV capacity will be further increased to 3.3 It is the lowest every year. The increase in production capacity will drive performance growth and consolidate the industry structure. A variety of new products are rapidly advancing industrialization and entering the peak period of capacity release. 1) TPIIR: “Insertion Grade Medical Brominated Butyl Rubber (TPIIR) Industrialization Project” is expected to start production in the second half of 2019.2) DVA: In cooperation with Triangle Group and Zhongce Group, the pilot technology has been basically realized by the end of 2017. In 2018, the focus will be on the development of DVA materials in tire application technology.3) HNBR: Trial production of 3,000 tons of hydrogenated nitrile butadiene nitrile was carried out in late March 2019, and the 1,000-ton production line was successfully commissioned in June.4) TPU: The production capacity is expected to reach 8000-10,000 tons in 2019. We are optimistic about the company’s development potential. For the first time, it has covered the domestic leader in TPV with a “Buy” rating, and released a variety of products.We expect the EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.47 yuan, 0.63 yuan and 0.82 yuan, comprehensive consideration of comparable company valuation, company historical valuation, industry segmentation and other factors, we give the company 37 times PE in 2019, corresponding to a target price of 17.39 yuan.We are optimistic about the company’s capacity increase and the potential for new product development. We will cover it for the first time and give it a “Buy” rating. Risk warning: the release of production capacity is 成都桑拿网less than expected risk, and the risk of slow development of new product markets.

China Metallurgical (601618) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Steady Growth in Performance and Significant Increase in Overseas Orders

China Metallurgical (601618) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Steady Growth in Performance and Significant Increase in Overseas Orders

Core point of view The company’s performance and orders have steadily increased, and overseas orders increased significantly in the first quarter.

Considering that infrastructure investment is gradually picking up, we maintain our 2019/20/21 EPS forecast of 0.



35 yuan, corresponding to PE is 11.苏州夜网论坛



0x, maintain “Buy” rating.

  The first quarter of 2019 revenue was +14 for ten years.

3%, net profit attributable to mother +10 for ten years.


The company achieved revenue of 631 in the first quarter of 2019.

10,000 yuan (ten years +14.

3%), net profit attributable to mother 17.

70,000 yuan (ten years +6.

4%), net of non-attributed net profit 16.

80,000 yuan (ten years +7.


The company plans to generate 3,050 trillion in revenue in 2019 and will complete 20 in the first quarter.


  Gross profit margin increased slightly and expenses were properly controlled.

The company’s consolidated gross profit margin for the first quarter of 2019 was 12.

7%, +0 per year.


The company’s comprehensive expense ratio is 6.

5% per year -0.

4pct, of which sales / management / R & D / financial expense ratio is 0.

7% / 3.

5% / 1.

0% / 1.

3% per year.

0 points / -0.

2pct / + 0.

1 point / -0.

3pct, company expenses are properly controlled.

Net cash flow from operations was 139.

4 trillion (net decrease of 128 in the same period last year.
70,000 yuan), a net reduction in investment cash flow of 22.
0 million yuan (net decrease of 22.

200 million); net inflow of financing cash flows 92.

400 million (net inflow of 105 in the same period last year.

700 million).

  The number of newly signed contracts increased steadily, and overseas orders increased significantly.

In the first quarter of 2019, the company signed a new contract of 181 billion yuan, +5 in ten years.

3%; 70 of which are new overseas contracts.

7 trillion, +40 for ten years.

6%, mainly the newly signed EPC project for Hanoi waste incineration power plant in Vietnam (19.

700 million), peanut OBI nickel-cobalt project (12.

600 million), the first section of the Central Expressway in Sri Lanka (5.

600 million) and other large projects.

In the new millennium, the number of newly signed contracts for single-China projects was 176.3 billion, +6 in ten years.

5%, of which 52.3 billion (+19) were newly signed for engineering contracting projects of more than 500 million US dollars.

1%), accounting for 18 of the total amount of engineering contracting projects.


From the perspective of the separation of business, newly signed housing construction, infrastructure construction, and metallurgical engineering contracts in the engineering contracting projects amounted to RMB 872.3335 billion (previously +26).

5% /-34.

2% / + 5.

4%), accounting for 52% of the engineering contract.

8% / 20.

3% / 12.


  New infrastructure construction area: The company is characterized by a gallery, and has a comprehensive layout of theme parks, sponge cities, wellness and special towns, and water environment management.

As a leading enterprise in comprehensive corridors, the company has initially entered the market and has the first-mover advantage and brand advantage in formulating industry standards. In 2018, the company won a total investment of 122 in the key comprehensive corridor projects.

200 million; budget company to fully deploy new infrastructure, change the layout in the areas of theme parks / sponge cities / recreation and special towns / water environment treatment. In 2018, the key project orders for these areas were 76.

200 million / 9.

4 billion / 59.

3 billion / 49.

600 million, a total of 316 new signings in the new infrastructure sector.

700 million.

  Risk factors: non-ferrous metal prices fluctuate; real estate, infrastructure investment falls short of expectations; business conversions fall short of expectations.

  Investment suggestion: The company’s performance and orders have steadily increased, and overseas orders increased significantly in the first quarter.

Considering that infrastructure investment is gradually picking up, we maintain our 2019/20/21 EPS forecast of 0.



35 yuan, corresponding to PE is 11.


0x, maintain “Buy” rating.

Old cattle eat young grass prevails

“Old cattle eat young grass” prevails

According to the theory of “existence is reasonable”, the prevalence of “old cows eating young grass” is not only a big win, but also a lot of benefits.
Now it might be worth a few.
Look at the following content and you will know.
寮ヨˉ缂哄皯鐨勭埗鐖?鏈夌殑濂冲灏戞椂缂哄皯鐖剁埍锛岃繖绉嶇簿绁炵殑楗ユ复锛岃繕鏈変竴浜涘コ瀛╁湪灏戝勾鏃跺彧鏈夌埗浜叉槸鏈€瀹岀編鐨勭敺浜猴紝鎴愬勾鐨勬椂鍊欎篃浼氭寜鐓х埗浜茬殑鏍囧噯瀵绘壘锛屼粬浠細鍙戠幇锛孴he boy of the same age does not have what he wants, but instead he will find it in the old man.
The old man will also carefully care for the younger wife, and the man who gives love to the father, why not?
璁╃敺浜哄啀瀵荤浜屾槬 鐢变簬骞磋交寰楀疇锛屾棩鏃ユ偁闂诧紝鑰佸か鍩烘湰涓婇兘鎳傚緱濡備綍鐤煎皯濡荤殑锛屼竴鑸湁浜涜矗浠诲績锛屾湁鑳藉姏鐨勭敺浜洪兘鎬曡€侊紝鏈夊皯濡荤浉浼达紝鑷劧鏄啀瀵荤浜孲pring, the feeling of “Birds follow people” and “Wooden around the tree”, I don’t think any man can resist it. On the contrary, their love is more mature and deeper.
Know how to be modest Some women spend a lot of time like unreasonable troubles, old men, after the storm, what frame has not seen?
For a moment, I was calm, not to mention my little daughter. On the contrary, the more a woman was a mess, the man gave her a humble, and she would later feel more guilty about the old man after a short period of time, a little bit of grievances, in exchange for a willingness, value.
浼氱収椤句汉 鍦ㄧ敺浜虹溂閲岋紝灏戝灏辨槸瀛╁瓙锛屾湁浜嬫棤浜嬬殑鎾掑▏浠绘€э紝闇€瑕佽€佸か鐨勫疇婧哄拰鏇村鐨勭埍锛岃繖閲屽湪鑰佸か韬笂涓€瀹氳兘鎵惧埌锛岃€佸か蹇呴』鍚冪殑鐩愬绫冲锛屼粬浠煡閬撳浣旴etter care for a woman, it is not easy to remarriage.
There is always a sense of crisis. You must know that if you find an old man, you are destined to have a sense of crisis at all times.
Needless to say, you know.
Understand life Modern society has a lot of pressure on people. The old man generally has a certain economic ability. A woman will be willing to marry him. The man is under great pressure and will provide a house for the wife.
Of course, the younger wife also knows how to please her husband. When the bank password is given to you, you must also know that he really loves you.
One fills himself with the rich experience of each other’s life, one uses the youthful face to let the other find a younger mood.
The harmony of private life seems to be a concern for everyone, but some scientists point out that older men usually respond to flirting in a slow way.
Women also feel that the slow and gentle flirting is ecstasy.
Secondly, young women not only produce yin water, but they can also persist for a long time.
The old man’s erection process is slow, so the end is slow, so the two sides can be called super combination.
鐢蜂汉澶栭亣鏈虹巼鍑忓皯 鈥滆€佺墰鍚冨鑽夆€濓紝鐢蜂汉鏈夊閬囩殑鏈虹巼涔熶細澶уぇ鍑忓皯锛屽澶滅瑱姝岀殑鏃ュ瓙锛屼粬浠煡閬撲細蹇界暐瀹朵腑鐨勭埍濡伙紝浣曞喌瀹堕噷鐨勫皯濡讳篃涓嶈浜烘斁蹇冿紝鏃╂棭鍥濰ome, marriage relationship is safer and better maintained, as long as it is a combination of true love, “old cows eat young grass” will also be long and happy.
On the contrary, when a small woman soaks a K song, the old man must be anxious to get on the wall.
Benefits 9.
Men will prolong life. Scientists say that “the old cows eat young grass” can prolong life.
Scientists have found that older men focus on young girls, while women prefer more mature men. These universal patterns are actually the need for evolution and the most successful evolutionary model adopted by humans.
This is what scientists say. It is also said that the next generation of “old cows eating young grass” will have a higher intelligence.
Because the father is older, the intellectual development is of course more mature than the young.
銆€銆€On the other hand, the young mother provides a good environment for the fetus.
Responsible, safer The man who is older than you is traditionally educated for a long time. He is more responsible to the family, his wife and children. Although the years have passed quietly, it is not snow-free.
銆€銆€He made the men who were in the middle of the years more full and more masculine.
A mature man is more like a lamp in a woman’s way, eliminating the fear of darkness and allowing women to more clearly identify the direction.
銆€銆€Choosing a man’s man to be a husband, although seems to deviate from the requirements of traditional marriage in terms of age, it is important that happiness is the experience of two people, rather than the difference in age.Any old husband and wife, or old wife and young husband, love each other, and realize each other’s warmth and satisfaction, I think, that is enough.

Spicy and spicy can help treat colds


Spicy and spicy can help treat colds

The cold is the most common harassment of people’s diseases. According to the latest issue of Taiwan’s “Health” magazine, “sweet and spicy” is actually the best way to relieve the symptoms of colds.

銆€銆€When you have a cold, some nasal discharges and sputum will appear in the respiratory tract, which makes you feel uncomfortable. In fact, nasal discharge and sputum are not necessarily bad things.

This is because the respiratory tract inflammation associated with the cold produces some viruses, bacteria, necrotic cells and other wastes. The function of sputum and sputum is to help clear these “bad wastes”.

Spicy foods can cause an increase in respiratory secretions. When our respiratory tract hits the above substances, they will secrete some sticky things to wrap them and strengthen the ciliary movement on the surface of the respiratory tract to expel foreign matter.

In this sense, eating spicy and spicy can promote the discharge of nasal discharge or sputum, thus helping the cold to heal.

銆€銆€The Mount Sinai Hospital in the United States once divided healthy men and women into three groups of 15 people, allowing them to drink cold water, hot water and chicken soup.

As a result, a group of chicken soup was accelerated in the nasal mucosa test to expel mucus from the respiratory organs.

Therefore, scientists suggest that you should drink a lot of chicken soup when you have a cold, and add a lot of pepper, spicy curry powder and garlic to the chicken soup to make your tears, nose and DC, and achieve a sputum effect.

銆€銆€Among them, the best effect is pepper, which can replace the secreted mucus so as not to hinder the respiratory tract.

University of California professor Ai Wenqiman even said: “Many cold medicines sold in pharmacies, cough medicines are exactly the same as peppers, but I think it is better to eat peppers because it has no substitute at all.

Fight against the three strategies of getting fat in winter

Fight against the three strategies of “getting fat in winter”


Strategy 1, reasonable diet Tip 1: Eat a lot of vegetables First, most vegetables are low GI (glucose) food, first eat vegetables will increase satiety, it will not eat too much starchy food.
銆€銆€Recommendation: Fresh vegetables are eaten raw. Vegetables that are rich in fiber are cooked (even if cooked only), and GI is higher than when eaten raw, so raw food is better than cooked.
銆€銆€Tip 2: Choose brown rice as a staple food Change the staple food into brown rice, you can get full satiety, the pressure will not accumulate, and even serious constipation problems will be solved.
銆€銆€Recommendation: After changing the white rice to brown rice, as long as the body fat percentage drops, it is evidence that the fat is burning.
銆€銆€Tip 3: Replace the sweets with fruits. Suggestions: Most fruits are low in GI. Eating them every day will not affect the weight loss.
銆€銆€Tip 4: Use fruit, lactic acid drinks, enjoy the fun of snacks. Suggestions: Adding fruit to lactic acid drinks also has a unique flavor that can make dairy products slower.
銆€銆€?绛栫暐浜屻€佺敤鐢熺悊鏈燂紝瀹岀編鍑忚偉鍥涢儴鏇层€€銆€绗竴閮細鍑忚偉娉勭暀鏈熴€€銆€鏃堕棿璁$畻锛氭湀缁忓紑濮嬪悗绗?-7澶┿€€銆€鍑忚偉鎴愬姛鎸囨暟锛氣槄鈽呪槄銆€銆€绗簩閮細鍑忚偉楂樺嘲鏈熴€€銆€鏃堕棿璁$畻锛氭湀缁忓悗绗?锝?4澶┿€€銆€鍑忚偉鎴愬姛鎸囨暟锛氣槄鈽呪槄鈽呪槄銆€銆€鍔犻€熷噺閲嶆柟妗堬細銆€銆€?Exercise frequency should be kept as much as 2 hours per day or every other day, and at least 7 hours of exercise per week.
銆€銆€?The most effective way to lose weight is to ask a personal fitness instructor to help you develop a weight loss exercise plan, let him know your physiological cycle, he will let you achieve the desired state of exercise and weight loss goals during this time.
銆€銆€Part III: Weight Loss Flat Time Calculation: 14th to 21st day after menstruation Weight loss success index: 鈽呪槄鈽呪槄 Accelerated weight loss program: ?
It is still a favorable period for weight loss, although the effect may not be as obvious as the previous stage, but still get a good slimming performance.
It is recommended that your weekly exercise time be more than 6 hours.
銆€銆€?Treadmills, aerobics and some equipment exercises can help you burn calories during this time, while tennis and ball exercises are the best choice.
銆€銆€The fourth part: slow weight loss period Time calculation: 21 to 28 days after menstruation Weight loss success index: 鈽?鈽?Accelerated weight loss program: ?
You can continue the aerobic exercise of the previous stage, and also need some strength training, the exercise time can be maintained around 3 hours a week.
銆€銆€?A sporty and competitive sport such as swimming can calm your mind and relieve premenstrual syndrome.
銆€銆€?Strategy 3, adhere to exercise When you exercise for the purpose of body weight loss, all parts of the body will get weight loss.
The most effective aerobic exercise for exercising your legs and hips is walking, cycling, cross-country skiing, climbing stairs, and more.
銆€銆€Combination of walking and running Weight loss: Running must be modeled and only the correct posture can make you run fast, high efficiency, and not easy to get hurt.
One of the keys to losing fat is to run as much as possible with the intensity of your anaerobic threshold (anaerobic threshold), and the correct posture allows you to achieve this intensity without wasting extra energy.
銆€銆€Experience walking and weight loss method 1.
Ordinary walking method Use slow and medium speed walking, 30-60 minutes each time, 2-3 times a day.
Suitable for leisure in beautiful places.
Fast walking method Walk 5-7 kilometers per hour for 30-60 minutes each time.
Heart rate control is less than 120 beats per minute when walking, so you can cheer up.