Makihara Shares (002714): Supporting the release of performance with price compensation

Makihara Shares (002714):重庆耍耍网 Supporting the release of performance with price compensation

The company’s recent situation Makihara shares recently announced July sales data: the company’s July pig sales income11.

3 billion (six years-6.

7%, -5.

3%), 1?
Cumulative income for July was 79.

8.7 billion (same as +19.


Looking at the split, July sales of 680,000 heads of pigs (-32 due to a high base last July).

1%, compared with -15.

1%), 1?
July sales of 649 pigs.

50,000 heads (ten years +13.


July commodity pig price 16.

01 yuan / £ (one year +30.

5%, +4 from the previous quarter.


Commentary on price supplement is still the main core logic: the company’s July sales of 680,000 pigs, slightly lower than market expectations.

The company said sales have increased due to the expansion of production scale and the addition of additional reserve breeding pigs.

Regarding the judgment of the number of slaughter, we maintain a high-level view that, due to the impact of the African swine fever epidemic, large breeding companies have generally improved their breeding pig inventory this year, which makes it difficult to surprise them in the 2H19 slaughter.

However, under the proportion, Makihara has a competitive advantage in the breeding field. The increase of replacement pigs at the current point of time will help the subsequent breeding of pigs to rebound, which will provide a certain amount of support for the next year.

As for the judgment of pig prices, considering the industry-scale production capacity is still continuous, the subsequent upward trend of pig prices is determined.

It is said that the average price of pigs in 22 provinces and cities has recently risen to more than 19 yuan / kg, which is faster than market expectations.

In summary, we believe that price supplement is still the core logic of the current company. The African swine fever epidemic has a negative sales volume but a good replacement. The company’s performance this year and next will still release room.

Marginal changes in the industry are beneficial to large-scale breeding companies: In combination with our latest survey, we judge that the epidemic situation is bringing two marginal changes to the pig breeding industry: 1) regional changes, the northern epidemic situation is relatively stable, and the southern epidemic situation has strengthened and repeated since the second quarterThe decline in farming density in areas such as Guangdong, Guangdong, and Hubei has driven the overall throughput of the industry to a greater extent; 2) Structural changes. Due to the impact of the epidemic, small and medium-sized retail investors have withdrawn and wait-and-see attitudes have deteriorated. At present, there is a lack of motivation to fill the pen.

Due to the high proportion of small and medium-sized retail investors, their behavior has also triggered the industry’s throughput trend.

However, due to the upgrade of the prevention and control system and the prevention and control measures, in the third quarter, the breeding leaders were more optimistic about resuming production, and gradually strengthened the production in the northern epidemic-stable areas.

On the whole, we believe 无锡夜网that the breeding leader is trying to reflect a different trend from the industry as a whole, and it is worth benefiting from the higher pig price expectations brought by the large number of retail exits, and it is expected that its production volume will be stabilized in advance due to the increase in production recovery.

Estimates The proposed estimates correspond to 50/13 times the estimates for 2019/2020.

We maintain our 2019/2020 profit forecast31.


47 trillion remained unchanged at 86.

The target price of 00 yuan is unchanged, and the target price corresponds to 57/15 times the 2019/2020 estimate, + 14% space.

Maintain Outperform rating.

Risk Pig prices and slaughter volume are lower than expected; epidemic risk; raw material prices have risen more than expected.

Suspension of reverse repurchase for three days after the beginning of the year

Suspension 北京夜网 of reverse repurchase for three days after the beginning of the year

After the temporary holiday, the reverse repurchase was suspended for three days, and the net withdrawal of funds was 773.5 billion US dollars.Due to the influence of factors such as the gradual reverse repurchase expiration, no reverse repurchase operation will be carried out on the same day.

  Three days after the holiday, the reverse repurchase operation was not carried out in advance, and the net withdrawn funds were 390 billion yuan.

At the same time, it is clear that the MLF termination in the first quarter will no longer be renewed when the deadline is announced one month in advance. On February 13, there were 383.5 billion MLF expired and not renewed.

Taken together, the net withdrawal of open market operations in the three days after the holiday was 773.5 billion yuan.

  Dongfang Jincheng’s chief macro analyst Wang Qing said in an interview with the Securities Daily yesterday that due to the large amount of funds flowing back to the banking system after the Spring Festival, the recent DR007 (7-day pledged repo rate for deposit institutions) continued to reduce the average priceRunning below the policy-guided interest rate (gradual 7-day reverse repurchase rate), it indicates that the current market liquidity is in ample state.

This is the direct reason for the continuous implementation of the net withdrawal of funds after the Millennium Festival.

  Wang Youxin, a foreign exchange judge at the Institute of International Finance of Bank of China, told a reporter of the Securities Daily yesterday that the market and the banking system are relatively liquid. The suspension of open market operations can balance market supply and demand changes.

Years ago, through the RRR cut, the use of TMLF and reverse repurchase provided the market with excessive liquidity, and smoothly passed the Spring Festival holiday. Before the average inter-bank borrowing interest rate for each period after the Spring Festival, the DR007 interest rate returned to the 7-day period.Interest rate 2.

Below 55%.

By suspending the open market operation and recovering some excess liquidity, it can ensure the stable operation of the market.

  Correctly predict whether the reverse repurchase operation will continue to be suspended. Wang Qing said that in January, leading indicators such as PMI showed that the short-term internal economic downward pressure still exists.

As a result, steady growth is in the forefront of current long-term monetary policy goals.

Focusing on promoting the substitution of “wide currency” to “wide credit” of the real economy, the current monetary policy is still focused on structural monetary policies such as substitutional RRR cuts, TMLF (directed medium-term lending facility), and inclusive financial cut-down dynamic assessments.Tools to guide the moderate decline in long-term interest rates and promote the flow of funds to small and micro enterprises that are lacking in water, and private enterprises.

  Wang Qing stated that at the same time, abide by the principle of “reasonable and reasonable, not flood flooding”, gradually stabilize the short-term interest rate of the currency market, control the relatively moderate level of liquidity, and prevent the resurgence of 杭州桑拿网 financial leverage.

It is expected that before the DR007 return policy guides the interest rate to run near the transition rate, the net return operation may continue to be implemented, including the suspension of reverse repurchase.

This also means that short-term internal expectations are unlikely to reduce open market operating interest rates.

  Wang Youxin said that this year’s long-term monetary policy will still be moderately loose. At present, the downward pressure on the economy is still contradictory. The effects of fiscal policy indicate that there is a time lag. Monetary policy in the first half of the year is expected to continue to exert force, but as far as possible, inclusiveInstead of short-term reverse repurchase operations to effectively support the real economy and long-term investment.

Public offering funds compete for new income, 18 science and technology theme funds have no advantage

Public offering funds compete for new income, 18 science and technology theme funds have no advantage

Source: Securities Daily Original headline: Public fund raises new income and competes with 18 science and technology theme funds that do not have the advantage. Science and technology board beats the new cake.

Among public funds, pension funds, securities products, private equity funds, eligible individual investors and other participants, public funds have the absolute advantage to become the biggest “winners” of the new technology innovation board.

However, behind the launch of public offering funds for the new technology innovation board, investors may think differently.无锡夜网

  Before the start-up of the science and technology board, the public fund performed a play of “the soldiers and horses are not moving, the grain first”: the public fund companies scrambled to declare the science and technology theme fund products., The fund company prepares the science and technology board investment research team and evaluation system.

The strategic placement of science and technology board funds has also become the focus of the head fund company’s publicity, known as the science and technology board to play a new “weapon.”

  Is this really the case?

the answer is negative.

“Securities Daily” reporter noticed that there are currently 18 fund companies affiliated with science and technology board funds approved, 18 science and technology board funds in the science and technology board to make new 北京夜网 achievements in the overall success is not satisfactory.

On the contrary, of the 123 public fundraising funds that have not been approved for the science and technology board fund, some fund products have achieved “all-zhong” for 25 science and technology board companies, and the quotation strategy was amazing.

  After 18 science and technology theme funds launched new science and technology board “flashy” science and technology board funds have been launched one after another, they have set a limit of 1 billion, and more than 1 billion parts have been proportionately placed.

After the first three batches of science and technology board funds were launched for sale, the main products were “sold out in one day”, and the final scale was locked at 1 billion yuan.

With a fund size of 1 billion U.S. dollars, in the process of hitting the S & T board offline, the equity funds of 200 to 500 million U.S. dollars were scaled up, and the new income was shelved.

  The embarrassment of the science and technology board fund is more than that.

In April of this year, the supervision made clear that all funds that can invest in A shares have statutory investment in science and technology innovation boards. After this news was released, the public offering funds were “grass and soldiers”-all qualified fund products participated in the innovation of science and technology boards, and 18 fund companiesThe new leading edge of the new technology innovation board has been further weakened: the public funds raised the new technology innovation board, and gradually evolved into a competition for the pricing strategies of various fund companies.

  The final result of the new fight may disappoint the holders of the science and technology board fund.

“Securities Daily” reporter combed and found that at least 15
99 funds had launched the first batch of 25 science and technology board stocks offline, and the success of a single fund ranged from 1 to 25 stocks, and the average number of allocations was between15

In fact, 18 science and technology board funds won a total of 9 science and technology board stocks, and the average number of allocations was only 9.


  I still remember that when the science and technology board fund was released, some fund companies labeled such products as “science and technology board playing a new weapon”. Of these, 12 products were qualified for strategic placement and were able to be “on the car” first.A product of science and technology board.

However, from the final result, although the science and technology board fund has earned enough attention when it was issued, it has become a beautiful “fruit” for investors.

  Every science and technology board company announced the results of the offline placement, which made the 18 fund companies’ strategic placement dreams come to nothing.

In the strategic placement list of Huaxing Yuanchuang, Ruichuang Micro-nano and Tianzhun Technology, all the science and technology board funds were absent until the list of strategic investors announced by China Connect. Only Huaxia Fund and Boshi Fund had only two science and technology board funds.In this column, this is also the first time that the publicly-funded science and technology board fund has appeared on the strategic placement list of science and technology board companies.

  The three equity funds of Guolianan realized the “home run” of the stocks of the science and technology board. In fact, before the board of the science and technology board was launched, when many fund companies intensively applied for the science and technology theme fund, there were already fund companies actively preparing for the science and technology board.Wound plate estimation system.

The first batch of only 6 science and technology board funds were approved, and fund companies that did not get the approval of the science and technology board funds began to establish a new strategy for the science and technology board, and explored a series of ordinary rights and interests from road show inquiry and pricing strategies.The best way for products to participate in science and technology innovation.

  The achievements of the 3 funds of the National Alliance Security Fund under the new technology innovation board can be described as “stunning”-the “home run” of 25 technology innovation stocks has been realized, and the 3 funds are the National Alliance AnxinLong Mix A, Guolian An Select Mix and Guolian An Small Cap Select Mix.

Among them, the latest size of Guolian Anxinlong Hybrid A is 2.

At 16 ppm, the fund ‘s net worth increased by 5 last week.

67%, highlighting new revenue.

  ”Securities Daily” reporter learned from Guolian An Fund that the company has a relatively complete science and technology research team for the research work of the science and technology board. The team is led by the equity investment director and the research director. The number of the team accounts for the entire investment research teamNearly 1/3.

In addition, for the hundreds of stocks that have been reported to the science and technology board, the company’s science and technology research team has done a good job of early discovery and preliminary screening to give it a certain first-mover advantage. It also has accurate quotation on the pricing of new shares and a short-listed rate.High core advantages.

  In addition, there are 34 fund products that have been awarded 24 new shares of science and technology board, a total of 491 funds have been awarded more than 20 new shares of science and technology board, and of the 18 science and technology board funds, the largest number of new shares of science and technology boardIt is Penghua Science and Technology Co., Ltd. that has been closed for 3 years (22 mice have been allocated).

It can also be ground from this perspective. There are 18 fund companies approved by the science and technology board fund and 123 science and technology board fund companies that have not been approved by the science and technology board fund. Among them, there is no drop in the science and technology board.

Why do you look older than your peers?


Why do you look older than your peers?

The hardest problem in the world is to guess that I am a few years old and say that it is too much to be dismissed by others. It’s easy to say why age is recognized as a secret that women can’t say. Why do some people seem to alwaysWill it be older than the same age? Those who are “frozen age” are eating something or what special care products are used. Why can they always attract younger women than others?

This is definitely not scaring you!

A woman with a good color, her skin is rosy, beautiful, and full of energy.

Some women are often dizzy, limbs are weak and cold, these are anemia, lack of blood.

And long-term problems like this will make you look older than your peers.

Reasons for making you old 1. Eating improper diet is not modest, relief is impermanent, not eating on time; or partial eclipse, nutrition is not comprehensive; or diet has partial eclipse, especially like eating cold, hot, spicy, fragrant, sweetThe like, will cause damage to the spleen and stomach, resulting in insufficient energy and raw materials to generate blood, for a long time, causing qi and blood deficiency.

2, lack of sleep, long-term life is irregular, the sleep does not sleep.

The time when the blood of the body is not recovered.

There is no extra time for hematopoiesis.

3, the lack of exercise and exercise is too small, the meridians can not be smooth, the road of blood production is blocked.

Will lead to insufficient blood.

4, overworked physical labor is too heavy, overworked and tired for many years.

Qi deficiency gradually leads to insufficient blood production, and ultimately it is both blood and blood loss.

In addition, excessive mental work will directly cause heart and spleen and blood deficiency.

There is another situation and so on.

That is excessive housing and sexual life.

In addition, if you encounter “injury, car accident, serious illness, serious illness.

Or suffer from heavy rain, snow, cold damage, will burn blood in a short period of time; and chronic diseases, consumptive diseases.

Gradually slow consumption of blood, resulting in insufficient blood.

Insufficient qi and blood deficiency Women often show shortness of breath, shortness of limbs, fatigue, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, etc. Women with blood deficiency appear as insomnia and dreams, yellow spots and dry hair.Easy to lose hair, dizziness, irregular menstruation and so on.

1, look at the eyes: As the saying goes, “people are old and yellow”, in fact, refers to the white color of the eyes become turbid, yellow, bloodshot, which indicates that the blood is not enough.

The eyes can be blinked at any time, indicating that there is too much blood; on the contrary, the bags under the eyes are large, the eyes are dry, and the eyelids are heavy, which means that the blood is insufficient.

2, look at the skin.

The skin is white with pink, shiny, elastic, wrinkle-free, and no spots represent rich blood.

On the contrary, the skin is rough, dull, dark, yellow, white, blue, red, and long spots all represent poor health and lack of blood.

3, look at the hair.

Black hair, thick, supple means excessive blood, hair dry, hair loss, hair yellow, white, split ends are lack of blood.

4, look at the ears.

The child looks at the ear to see the shape. In addition to the form, the adult mainly looks at the color, whether there is a spot, and whether there is pain.

If it is light pink, shiny, no spots, no wrinkles, fullness means rich blood.

The dull, dull light indicates that the blood has fallen.

5, touch the temperature of the hand.

If your hands are warm all year round, it means blood and blood. If your palms are hot or sweaty or your hands are cold, you will be short of blood.

6, look at the fingertips.

Regardless of the child or the adult, if the finger refers to the abdomen and abdomen, the weak or the fingertips are thin, it means that the blood is not enough, and the finger is full and the meat is more elastic, which means that the blood is rich.

How to regulate qi and blood deficiency?

Qi and blood in the human body is like gasoline and cars. If the blood is insufficient, the functional activities of various organs will be reduced.

If the blood supply to the brain is not good, it will dizziness, memory loss, tinnitus, hair loss; limb qi and blood deficiency will lead to activity weakness, limb numbness and so on.So how is the lack of blood?

1, change the diet structure, qi and blood, modern women are not because of lack of food, resulting in insufficient blood, on the contrary, modern women eat too much food every day, but girls like to eat some cold drinks, sweets, no blood for qiThe benefits are more harmful.

It is recommended that women should change the expected structure and eat less food that is not conducive to qi and blood, such as cold drinks, fried foods and so on.

Eat more nutritious foods, such as red dates, carrots, donkey-hide gelatin, etc., from the tonic to start qi and blood.

2, women who do the right amount of exercise to qi and blood deficiency are not suitable for a lot of exercise, because a lot of exercise will consume too much energy, for women with insufficient blood is worse.

It is recommended that women with insufficient blood should do moderate exercise while supplementing the body with adequate nutrition.

Women can choose to do some softer exercises, such as yoga, aerobics, Tai Chi, etc., so as to exercise the body to promote blood circulation without excessive consumption of body energy.

3, massage stimulation points acupuncture qi and blood adhere to massage to stimulate a lot of acupuncture points on the body, can achieve the role of qi and blood, which is also the lowest cost of a way to qi and blood.

Female friends can use the elbow socket, the temple, the back of the brain, the cervical vertebrae, the carotid artery, etc. to promote the smooth running of blood gas, thus achieving the effect of “angry and blood”.

4, Chinese medicine to nourish qi and blood often take red dates, lotus seeds, Chinese yam, walnuts, angelica, Codonopsis, Polygonum, Chinese wolfberry and other Chinese herbal medicines, while avoiding drinking tea and cold spleen and stomach food such as watermelon, mung bean and so on.

15 grams of Codonopsis pilosula, 15 jujubes can be used, fried water for tea; 60 grams of maltose, 20 jujubes can be used, and water can be cooked for cooking. 20 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 20 grams of medlar, 60 grams of rice can be used.15, red dates, add the right amount of brown sugar into a porridge to eat, you can apply qi, nourishing.

5, mentality, sleep is very important if the long-term mood is depressed, leading to liver qi stagnation, causing blood and dark consumption.

Peaceful mentality and good mood are the primary conditions for women to maintain qi and blood. They are conducive to physical health. They can also promote hematopoietic function and promote menstrual blood regulation, so that the body is full and ruddy.

What is the lack of blood?

1, black sesame seeds.

There is one of the simplest secrets, black and red foods have more blood.

Black food enters the kidneys, which helps the kidneys to collect gas.

Compared with red food, the theory is derived from 鈥渃omplementing the shape and complementing the color with color鈥?

Eating sesame can promote the function of kidney blood, liver blood and spleen blood.

2, red dates.

It can nourish the stomach and strengthen the spleen, nourish the blood and soothe the nerves; it can nourish the heart and lungs, reconcile the camp, promote the body fluid, clear the customs, and help the twelve meridians.

For anemia, face white, qi and blood are not good for nursed back to health.

3, pig liver.

People with blood deficiency or iron deficiency anemia can usually eat more pork and liver fried spinach.

4, hehe.

Mild, fresh sputum to stop bleeding, cooked and blood.

Lotus root, raw food can clear heat and cool blood, stop bleeding and phlegm, cooked can spleen and stomach, nourishing blood.

5, carrots.

Into the spleen and stomach and lung, is a good food for blood and improve kidney deficiency.

Replenishing blood and nourishing the liver, strengthening the spleen and stagnation, and supplementing the qi, especially improve the vision loss caused by liver blood deficiency, blindness and other complications.

It also has a good effect on dyspepsia and hiccup caused by spleen deficiency.

6, old Chinese medicine[Red Bazhen]selected red dates, red rice, red beans, carrots, red tomatoes and other eight healthy fresh ingredients as raw materials, using low-temperature baking technology, traditional grinding process, through scientific deployment, tight nutrition, guaranteed rushThe red eight-scented bubble is smooth and smooth.

Suitable for white-collar workers, office workers, and regular drinks in the office.

Everyday red eight treasures, every day rosy and good-looking!

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Four weight loss sports and leisure at the weekend


Four weight loss sports and leisure at the weekend

Usually because of work efficiency, many people don’t have much time to exercise. On weekends, they want to make up the amount of exercise for the week. This kind of exercise is very incorrect. The following small series introduces you a few very suitable.Sports done on weekends.

銆€銆€Shopping is a favorite of girls, and finally can be liberated from the work that is put into practice, but also lose weight, why not?

銆€銆€1, shopping for the crowd: women who stay in the office from morning till night.

銆€銆€Reason: This is one of the most popular leisure methods for women. It is also a good aerobic exercise. It is divided into the boring equipment training in the gym. Shopping does not allow women to exercise their body unconsciously. It is also pleasant.Mood is the best way to exercise.

銆€銆€Fitness effect: Women spend less than two or three hours on shopping, and more than one day, non-stop sports can increase leg strength, consume a lot of energy in the body, and achieve fitness effects.

銆€銆€2, bowling suitable for the crowd: people who have been working in a position for a long time, but have not been promoted for a long time.

銆€銆€Reason: I have been working hard all the time, but I always suffer from the lack of leadership. You can’t change this situation, but when you pull out the bowling ball, all the grievances and depression seem to be taken out together.How is the pleasure of a “cool” word?

The fascinating climbs have made you feel confident. After a few rounds, you are full of hope for work and life.

銆€銆€Fitness effect: As long as you pose correctly when you play bowling, more than 200 muscles in your body can be exercised.

銆€銆€3, mountaineering suitable for the crowd: IT family working in the dark computer room.

銆€銆€Reason: IT people are leaking turbid gas and radiation all day long in the computer room, which is leaky in the computer room. If you are still in the gym at the weekend, your skin and body that have not breathed fresh air for a long time will beYou make a strong protest.

Mountaineering on weekends, let yourself be in nature, breathe fully, sweat quickly, and throw away the troubles and fatigue of the week.

銆€銆€Fitness effect: Mountain climbing is an excellent aerobic exercise that promotes metabolism, accelerates blood circulation, improves endurance and leg strength, and enhances heart and lung function.

銆€銆€4, long-distance running and water jogging for the crowd: work has always been spent in sedentary, falling a lot of such as back pain, cervical spondylosis, etc., such as editors, freelance writers and so on.

銆€銆€Reason: It is reasonable to say that long-distance running is more suitable for such people, but it is not only effective to run for two days on weekends, but long-distance running is a more serious activity and should not be carried out on weekends.

銆€銆€Jogging in free water has become the latest fitness in foreign countries and an ideal sport.

銆€銆€Because jogging in the water, the average distribution of body load, has a clear advantage over the land run, and in deep water, the runner’s lower limbs are not shocked, so it is not easy to get hurt, there will be a feeling of comfort after exercise.

銆€銆€Fitness effect: The resistance of water is 12 times of air resistance. Running in water for 45 minutes is equivalent to running for two hours on land. Jogging in water is especially suitable for obese people.

銆€銆€Since water density and heat transfer are larger than air, jogging in water consumes more energy than land, and it can gradually remove too much misfortune from the body.

The original sleep can also be health


The original sleep can also be health

The choice of bed is first of all, the height of the bed should be slightly higher than the law of the person. The ideal mat is preferably a soft and hard mattress on the hard board bed, so that the human spine can be kept in a normal physiological state, thus ensuring sleep.Comfortable.

銆€銆€The tremor of a good person is the weakest place in the human body. If the pillow is too high or too low, it will affect the natural relaxation of the muscle. Therefore, the pillow can only make the head slightly higher than the body, and the height is controlled at 9?
15 cm is appropriate.

銆€銆€Covered by sleep to be warm and sweet, but the quilt can not be too thick and too heavy, otherwise most of the body is under a certain pressure, which hinders the body to relax.

In addition, avoid wearing tights during sleep, otherwise it will affect sleep.

銆€銆€Lying for the bow of the motherland medicine thinks.

At night, the human body swells and the yang is restrained.

The reclining position of the bow is conducive to the convergence of the yang and the complete relaxation of the human muscle fascia, which is easy to eliminate fatigue.

At the same time, the human body is best able to lie to the right, which can reduce the burden on the heart and brain, promote the blood function of the liver and brain, and the smooth operation of dialysis.

銆€銆€More massage before going to bed should be self-massage, such as massage the scalp can promote the blood circulation of the scalp, relax the nerves, eliminate fatigue, improve the nutrition and oxygen supply, which is effective in preventing white hair and hair loss.

Massage the face helps remove the old, aging cuticle and accelerate metabolism.

Massage dialysis patients with digestive and poor metabolism, prevent diabetes “blessing”, each massage time is not much, it will be effective for a long time.

銆€銆€Washing your feet with hot water before going to bed can promote blood vessel expansion and accelerate blood circulation.

Foot acupoint fracture, hot water stimulation can have a good health care effect, especially complications of insomnia and foot varicose veins, washing feet with hot water can also relieve symptoms and easy to fall asleep.

銆€銆€Sleeping at the right time according to the laws of the human body clock, the best time to fall asleep is 22?
23 o’clock, wake up time is 5 in the morning?
6 o’clock.

Sleeping according to this rule can have the best sleep effect.

銆€銆€After making up at night, people who fall asleep will lose blood due to loss of water such as breathing, urination, sweating, etc., so it is a high-risk time for cerebral infarction before getting up. Therefore, water should be prepared in front of the bed and wake up at night.Come and replenish water in the morning when you get up in the morning, which can strengthen the role of health care and disease prevention.

銆€銆€The ventilator is breathing all the time, and sleep is no exception, so the bedroom should keep the air flowing, especially after the rain and the morning the air is too fresh, the concentration of oxygen and negative ions is inevitable, it should be timelyOpen the window to circulate air.

In addition, cactus and saplings that purify the air can be placed in the bedroom to reduce indoor air pollution.