How to prevent and treat frozen shoulder


How to prevent and treat frozen shoulder

1, drug treatment can apply a topical plaster on the affected shoulder, the plaster directly acts on the patient’s site, the drug molecules penetrate into the body through the skin, accelerate the operation of the affected area, eliminate the soft tissue inflammatory reaction, cause the shoulder joint and surrounding soft tissueThe symptoms of pain and swelling disappeared.

2, massage is an effective treatment for this disease, in the release of soft tissue adhesions, relieve muscle tension, improve joint activity is particularly significant.

3, patients with locally closed shoulder joint inflammation in the joint pain and tenderness, joint activity disorder presentation progressive aggravation, or in the joint treatment of joint pain affecting massage, functional exercise, etc., can be partially closed treatment in the tender part.

Prevention of scapulohumeral periarthritis 1, one-handed shoulder method with the right shoulder as an example.

The two feet are like a lunge, the right foot is in front, the foot is off the table; the left foot is straight behind.

The right hand is closed at the table, the left palm is pressed to the right shoulder, and the body is swung downward and backward.

2, the two hands hold the head of the two feet and the shoulder width, the two hands clasped around the back of the head; two elbows open, parallel with the body; two elbows gathered, like a skull, and repeated.

3, chest expansion shoulders two feet, shoulder width, two hands on the chest, two elbows and shoulders straight, back on the hand, palm down.

Open your arms, separate your shoulders, inhale; exhale when you reply.

4, pinch the arm method to take the seat, pinch the right arm with the left hand, from the shoulder to the wrist, then from the wrist to the shoulder, repeatedly pinch 5-10 times, change hands.

5, head pressure palm method before going to bed at night and before getting up in the morning, sleep on the bed, straighten the legs, palms under the head, palm up, hand back down, with the head tightly pressed against the center of the palm (which side is pressingWhich side of the palm), 20 minutes each time.

In the first few days, the arm can’t bend too much, and the palm is difficult to reach in. You can use the side sleeper to press the palm of your hand.

6, spin the shoulder and shoulder method to take the seat, with the left hand palm attached to the right shoulder, screw shoulder 50?
100 times to make it feel warm and change hands.

7. Press the acupoint method to press the shoulder well, take the seat, and press the left hand to press the right shoulder and shoulder hole for 1 to 2 minutes and change hands.

Press the curling pool, take the seat, press the tip of the left thumb to press the Quchi hole on the right arm for 1-2 minutes, and change hands.

Press 鎻夊悎璋? take the seat, press the right hand Hegu point with the left hand fingertips for 1-2 minutes and then change hands.

How do office workers prevent frozen shoulder?

Looking up at the sky, take the straight position, the two hands are drooping, the feet are shoulder-width apart, the head is slowly raised, looking up at the sky, looking up and trying to reach the target with a blink of an eye, every 15 seconds, 2 times a day?
3 times.


Massage the vertical or sitting position, use your thumb to press the 鎻?to correct the back side, first press the middle part, then press the upper and lower muscles, from top to bottom, from bottom to top, press 鎻?15 times repeatedly.


Turn your hands and use your hands and feet to support the ground at the same time.

Then turn the neck back and turn it 15 times left and right.


Shake your head and shake your head in front, back, left and right, and then shake in the opposite direction.

Do 10 times left and right, once a day for 1 week.


Competing with each other will cross the two fingers and fingers, the palm of the hand will be inserted into the neck, the palm will be pushed forward with force, and the force will be straight forward, and the two forces will be opposite.

While doing this exercise, the left and right heads are shaken 5 times.

Over-emphasis in winter


Over-emphasis in winter

After entering the winter, not only the appetite is long, but the fire is also big.

Eat greasy or spicy food, acne, mouth ulcers, constipation, muscle soreness one by one.

Too many “experienced” people will say: “It is so easy to get angry because the body is poisonous!

“Is there really a sinister possession?”

銆€銆€Chinese medicine experts have pointed out that this so-called “poison” is not the “evil poison” that Chinese medicine has said. It is just that “the kidney fire does not return to the Yuan, and the floating will become a certificate of virtual fire”. In the final analysis, it is still improper to make up.

銆€銆€In the winter, it is easy to make a false fire.

Tonic is not appropriate. The vulgarity is easy to say: “Spring is long and summer is long, autumn is harvesting in winter.” Winter is the season of collection of all things, and people must conform to the time.

At this time, the skin is close to the skin (ie, the skin is tightened), and the purpose is to store, conceal, and prevent the leakage of the essence, in preparation for better winter and bright spring health.

In the winter, the five internal organs should be kidneys, and the kidneys are the organs for storing nutrient essences. The essence can only be attributed to the kidneys, and the essence can be cultivated, and vice versa.

銆€銆€Professor Lin Guohua, chief physician of the Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that everyone thinks that there is not enough yang in winter, so they are eager to make up, and the food that is warm and dry eats more.

But after the tonic, the nutrient essence has no collector’s kidney, but it runs around and rises to other organs, which will produce a virtual fire.

銆€銆€Why can’t the nutrients and essence of tonic be attributed to the kidney?

Lin Guohua said that this is because winter cold is easy to hurt the yang of the kidney, so that the kidney is warm and the sealing function is impaired.

Even if you make up more and better, you can’t be used by the body, it will become a dross and cause harm to the body.


Do not forget the yin and kidney is the innate nature of the yang yang. In winter, the main tonic is to supplement the kidney and yang.

However, it is not enough to supplement the kidney yang. To make the yang stagnation still need to be yin.

鏋楀浗鍗庢墦浜嗕竴涓瘮鏂癸細鈥滄粙闃村氨濂藉儚鏄粨搴撴墿瀹癸紝鍐ぉ琛ョ殑闃虫皵瓒婂锛屼粨搴撳氨瑕佽秺澶э紝鎵€璋撯€橀槾鐢熷垯闃抽暱鈥欙紝濡傛灉鈥橀槼澶氫簡闃村嵈涓嶅瑁呪€欙紝涔烮t will become a virtual fire.

Professor Yang Hongzhi, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, pointed out that people who have a lot of nightlife and a large number of sports are particularly vulnerable to getting angry in winter, because of the relationship between yin deficiency.

“Chinese medicine has a theory that the autumn and winter yin, it means that the winter should sleep more, and the natural night is short.
If we sleep less and can’t raise the yin, it will easily get angry if it causes a negative loss.

In addition, excessive exercise, improper time, such as exercise time selected at night, can also cause harassment.

“So, in the winter, you need to raise yin at the same time, otherwise the yin and yang are out of balance, and the tonic is easy to get angry.


If you get angry, you must distinguish between the treatment and the fire. Isn’t it possible to reduce the fire?

There are symptoms of skin sores, mouth ulcers, bad breath, constipation, and toothache. The common people will first drink herbal tea. If the symptoms are heavier, they will use some Chinese medicine for detoxification. If there is muscle soreness, they will do massage, massage, scraping orThe treatment of cupping.

This means of reducing fire is sometimes effective, but it may not alleviate the symptoms of getting angry.

銆€銆€Lin Guohua said that there is a difference between the fire and the real fire. The “virtual fire” is because the fire can not be attributed to the kidney and the lack of yin, and the “real fire” is mostly caused by the “cold stagnation” after the cold.

The real fire that treats “cold stagnation” can be used to dispel the evils of the muscles and colds of the skin through some medicines of Xin Wen Jie, or to use the methods of massage, scraping, cupping or even bleeding, so that the skin is loose and loose, so that the heat is scattered.

However, using the same method to solve the “virtual fire” is not symptomatic, and the use of heat-clearing drugs can not only relieve the cause, but also may damage the spleen and stomach.

Yang Hongzhi is focused. Some people may have both the fire and the cold and yang, so if you try to reduce the fire, you must find a doctor to rule and control, balance the yin and yang.

銆€銆€Tip: If the different performances of the virtual fire rise and fall, the virtual fire will rise up. – It will be stomach fire when it floats up to the body, and it will be toothache, constipation, etc.; when it floats to the heart, it will be heart fire, manifested as oral ulcer, insomnia, etc.;The lungs are lung fires, which are characterized by dry cough, hot flashes, and body aches.

Five major disciplines in actual combat


Five major disciplines in actual combat

The three major disciplines of the morning operation are aware of the many benefits of morning exercises. How can we achieve a meaningful morning exercise?

The following three tips for discipline are five things you should be aware of.

銆€銆€The 3 disciplines of the morning practice guide.

Note that you look at the Tang Dynasty, Yang Guifei, never let Tang Minghuang see her not dressing up in the morning.

Remember, the morning exercise is good, but it must not be unkempt and close to him.

銆€銆€Beauty needs distance and cover up. If you don’t want men to be tired of aesthetics in a short time, then always give him the most radiant side.


Don’t fall in love too much. If both of them are wage earners, SEX will have to squeeze the subway to go to work after the completion of the project.

Don’t miss the time to work because you have a bad time in bed.

Even if I rushed to the office with my eyebrows, I spent the whole day fighting in the office, and my colleagues would laugh at you with tacit consent: excessive indulgence.


It’s not good to limit the time to love the game too much, but it is not right to hold the stopwatch to limit the time for the boyfriend.

When doing morning exercises with her boyfriend, she was thinking “maybe late”, and absent-mindedly watching the stopwatch constantly urging her boyfriend to “hurry up”, making her boyfriend very disappointing.

銆€銆€Men are most afraid of limiting time, not only easily destroy his interest, but in case of a stubborn illness, things can be big.

Therefore, if the time spent in the morning is not enough, I would rather not do it as well.

銆€銆€Note 5 of the 5 morning guides.

Say something whispering in the morning, after you experience short-term differences, do you feel that you need more?

Then let him tell him: Thank God, in the morning of waking up, the first sight is him; thank God, let us start a new day safely and happily.

These love words are the best foreplay.

It is important to remember that the first moment of waking up in the morning is when a man likes to listen.


It is not necessary to reach a climax. Everyone feels that orgasm is the highest purpose of sex, but the playful spirit of sex is obviously more important.

If you think about working during the day, then the best way is to have enough play, but you don’t have to climax – there are some dissatisfaction that will only be memorable.

Medical evidence proves that some men with poor physical strength can experience the pleasure of sex while not being able to withstand the temperament, but also save their physical strength and not let them get too tired during the day.


Try some quick method time, heavy task, what should I do?

After all, morning exercises are not like the night, you can have a long time and a state of mind to slowly prepare.

So playing a short, flat, fast battle is more practical.

Then think about your love scenes in the wild and in the theater.

Copy the quick fixes.


The most suitable music can make you sleepy if you put some soft and romantic music at night.

So when you are in the morning, let’s put some exciting music.

While listening to the march and making love, your boyfriend can rhythmically rhythm through dense drums, which will make you forget the existence of tomorrow.


Don’t catch a cold, dear after a hot sex, the body’s temperature will rise rapidly.

The coolness of the morning (especially in the winter), if you add to the bath and then quickly go to the event, then we must remind you that: Dear, the morning is cool, we must pay attention to not catch a cold.