Did you panic about some of today?

Insurance funds shout: no reason to be pessimistic

Did you panic about some of today?

Insurance funds shout: no reason to be pessimistic

How does the policy land?

The core think tank says so.

Investing without looking at policies is like blindfolding. Come to Sina Finance University, listen to Miss Dong read the news, and understand the market.

  Original title: Did you panic about some of today?

Insurance funds shout: there is no reason to be pessimistic, A shares are more likely to attract safe-haven funds

The optimism is so consistent, which is rare in the history of insurance fund 都市夜网 investment.

  Recently, overseas markets have plummeted, which has affected the A-share market.

In this regard, senior responsible persons of mainstream insurance institutions expressed their attitude to reporters: Checking the current internal and external environment of A-shares is easier to replace than other markets and can easily attract safe-haven funds.

  ”Therefore, those investors who are pessimistic about A-shares due to the plunge in the external market may be a bit mediocre.

“The head of the relevant department of a large insurance asset management company lamented.

  Several mainstream insurance institution investment managers believe their reasons: 1. From the external environment, due to relevant new changes in other countries, it may continue to cause some changes in the global market.

At this time, the first reaction of the funds is usually to avoid, and then re-determine the next allocation direction: where to invest?

  The safest place is naturally where the safe-haven funds go.

“Relatively speaking, whether it is from the overall estimated level or the progress of prevention and control, A shares have been shortened to cut, and the market has limited room for adjustment, and it may continue to attract inflows of overseas safe-haven funds.

“A head of the equities department of a large insurance company analyzed.

  2. From the perspective of internal factors, through the achievements of epidemic prevention and control, enterprises have begun to resume work, and economic operations have gradually returned to normal.

In order to ensure growth and stabilize employment, hedging policies have been introduced intensively with clear guidance.

  ”Combined with these factors, we believe that the one-time emotional impact of the epidemic on A shares has been greatly reduced, and it will not affect the upward trend of the market. In the medium term, the A share market will return to the fundamentals.

“This is the latest internal view of a large Chinese insurance company in Beijing.

  All kinds of evidence show that the market logic has also understood the impact of the epidemic and the support for emerging industries such as health care, online consumption, unmanned distribution, and intelligent manufacturing in a positive way.

  From the perspective of comprehensive stock selection and replacement of high-level insurance institutions, they focus on the targets that benefit from the logic of economic recovery and industrial upgrading. Typically, they expect that the relevant sectors driven by 5G construction and smart car policies may perform better in the short term.

In addition, they believe that the core assets of the estimated regression in the adjustment can also be appropriately allocated.

  Looking back at the initial market performance, the “blaze” of overseas markets seems to have affected the trend of stocks to a certain extent.

  When talking about the question of “how to look at the impact of external risks on the A-share market”, the investment manager of an insurance institution with a trillion-dollar asset scale said frankly that once external risks intensify, they will be removed from international capital flows and fundamentals.And market sentiment and other paths affect the A-share trend.

  But he is good at saying that considering the important influence of China’s economy on the world economy and the government’s ability to counter-cyclically change, the impact of external risks will usually provide opportunities for counter-cyclical investment.

“The two-day A-share market has been adjusted due to external factors and we have all participated (appropriate buy).