The secret of fattening after fitness


The secret of fattening after fitness

It’s been a long time, a long time, a long time ago. Anyway, a long time ago, I thought that 鈥渢he teeth are good and the stomach is good.鈥?

However, after work, there are only 2 words to describe your life: busy!

銆€銆€So, the time used to strengthen the body is also used for other purposes.

Therefore, over time, the mountains and rivers waded, and their bodies formed a strong contrast with their colleagues around them: they are, since they got to work, their weights soared, and the troubles were crying and shouting to lose weight.

For me, since I got to work, my weight has dropped!

I am more annoying than others!

At the lightest time, it was only 92 pounds. God, I am 1 meter 65, and I have maintained this weight for at least 3 years.

Every time I look at my sauce ribs in front of the mirror, my heart is bleeding.

銆€銆€Therefore, on a certain day of the month of a certain year, there is a whim: I want to gain weight!

It’s too late, at that time, at a certain time, I found a gym, and it’s not far from my place of residence. It’s really good time.


So, 2,000 pieces of ocean from the card went out!

And my heart secretly booked a fattening plan: at least 3-4 times a week, and insist, otherwise you are a puppy!

In order not to bring this dog name yourself (of course, I am not interested in lowering the identity of the low dog family, if you are offended, please Mr. Dog and Dogs!

), hehehe, I did it in the first 4 months.

銆€銆€Speaking of this, everyone must be looking forward to my fitness and fattening results?

Yes, I have already weighed 105 pounds.

Wow, hahahaha!

Does anyone feel strange: nonsense, they say that people’s fitness is to lose weight, never heard of fitness can also gain weight!

Let me tell you the secret of fattening: I like a lot of sweating aerobics. After an hour, the whole body is sweaty. This time, I really consume a lot of calories. Don’t worry, at the same time, you will feelThe belly is empty.

So, after washing, I went straight to the nearby foreign fast food (it is not convenient to advertise them here), and the name is: add physical strength.

You have to know that eating at this time is a big taboo for the weight loss compatriots.

But don’t forget, I am going to gain weight.

I can imagine that I have accumulated 10 pounds of weight.

(However, here is a serious statement: foreign fast food is less delicious.

In fact, I have not eaten a lot, and most of the time I still go home to fill my stomach.


銆€銆€Oh, unfortunately, due to the recent lack of time to go to the gym, the current weight is only 102 pounds, and live 3 pounds less.

Mom, it seems that we have to re-enter the road to fattening.