[How to pickle winter melon]_How to pickle_How to pickle

[How to pickle winter melon]_How to pickle_How to pickle

Winter melon is a vegetable we often eat. It has high nutritional value, has good diuretic and diuretic effects, and its vitamins and minerals are very high. It is especially suitable for people with hypertension and diabetes.There are many ways to eat. You can make soup, can be stuffed, and can also be used to marinate and eat. It is a good home-style side dish. Let’s find out how winter melon is marinated and delicious.

How to marinate melon Ingredients: winter melon, salt, garlic, pepper pickled melon steps: 1.

Remove the seeds, peel and wash the melon.


Cut to side length 5?
Small square of 6 cm.


Add water to bring to a boil, add winter melon and cook until soft.


Take it out and put it in the container. Just start to change the cold water repeatedly until the melon is cold, and then soak the cold water for 5?
6 hours, changing cold water 2 or 3 times.


Drain the cold water and soak in cold water, and drain the water slightly.


Put each piece of winter melon in a sealed bottle and put it in the refrigerator (usually 3 days is OK). You can put some peppers and garlic to marinate the winter melon.1.Glycolic acid can effectively control the conversion of carbohydrates into the body, prevent the body from accumulating lightly, and also consume excess lightness. It has a good effect on hypertension, atherosclerosis and weight loss.

The content of precipitated fiber in winter melon is very high, which can effectively improve human blood sugar level.

In addition, polycarbonate fiber can reduce cholesterol in the body, lower blood lipids, and prevent atherosclerosis.

2. Beauty and beauty. Melon seeds contain oleic acid, which has the function of inhibiting melanin deposition in the body, and has a good emollient beauty effect.

In addition, the protein and citrulline contained in melon seeds can moisturize the skin and inhibit the formation of melanin.

3. Diuretic and swelling The melon is rich in various amino acids, and the content in melon seeds and peel is higher than that in pulp.

These substances can help the body relieve the poison of free ammonia and have a beneficial effect on urinary swelling.

The crude fiber in melon can stimulate resonance peristalsis and excrete the carcinogen accumulated in the series as soon as possible.

4, clearing heat and relieving the heat and sweetness of melon, clearing heat and rejuvenating, concealing the troubles of the summer, taking in summer is especially suitable, often used for edema and weak body edema.

5. Winter melon is full of melon. The melon can be used for medicinal purposes: melon piri water swelling, clearing heat and relieving heat, can be used as prolactin; the effect of winter melon seeds is to clear the lungs, reduce phlegm, dampen and drain pus, and combine cough with lung heat.Turbidity, etc .; melon meat has beneficial effects on water, heat, phlegm, and detoxification. It can cure edema, asthma, heat, thirst, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, etc. It can also detoxify alcohol and fish poison.